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The reason why grey board is suitable for packaging


1.Wide source and low production cost

The raw materials for  greyboard are naturally grown and rich in source that suitable for mechanized mass production. Low production cost, packaging greyboad made of 1t wrapping paper can replace the packaging made of 10~12m3 wood. The production of 1t paper and greyboard only requires wood consumption. 34m3. 

Under the condition of consuming less resources, a packaged product with good benefits has been produced.

2.Excellent protection

Compared with other packaging containers the greyboard box has good mechanical strength and good cushioning performance. It also has heat insulation, shading, moisture proof and dustproof, and can well protect the interior goods.

3.Convenient for production and save deliver fee

Grey board is easy to cut, fold, bond or staple, forming cartons of different shapes and functions.The density of the grey boad is lower than water. Therefore, the shiping fee is calculated by volume.which mean that the foldble grey board is the best way to save a large amount of deliver fee.

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Flodble greyboard gift box
Best way to save a large amount of deliver fee.

4.Safety and health

Greyboard packaging materials are non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, safe and hygienic; various kinds of greyboard materials controlled by strict technological conditions can meet the packaging requirements of different commodities and will not pollute the contents of packaging.

5.Environmentally friendly

The gray board can be recycled, thus reducing the waste generated by the paper packaging, even after being discarded it will degrade in a short time without polluting the environment.With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the increase in shiping costs greyboard boxes have become a good choice for product packaging.

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