Whenever you move to a new home, you will unearth

by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-20

Whatever the reason you may have for weeding out your possessions, you still have to figure out exactly what to do with all of the old stuff. Many people simply haul their old things to a landfill. But other people are more environmentally conscious or wish to help other people with their cast-off things. These people wish to find a better way of getting rid of what they no longer want or need.

If you are in this situation, and you have a bit of time before the move, consider selling your old things on consignment. Sometimes the fees for this process will significantly eat into the profit, but if your old things were of high quality it can be worth your time to investigate this possibility. You may be able to put the cash received toward other expenses or the cost of new furniture for your new home. You could also sell your items on online sites such as eBay.

Another alternative to simply dumping your old unwanted things is to donate them to others who may need them. First, ask friends and family if they need or want anything that you may be tossing. You can do this in person or simply post it on Facebook as first come, first served. This could also save you the hassle of hauling your things to another location, as some would love to have new furniture simply for the trouble of hauling it way.

If you are sorting through your closet, think about asking other people close in size to you if they are interested in any of your things. Do not assume that they would love it and then show up at their door with boxes of old clothing for them to sort through. Some people do not care to wear cast-off clothing. However, many others love getting nice things for nothing. If you offer things to friends and family, make sure they are in good repair.

If your friends and family are not in need, many charitable organisations would make great use of your old household items. Some organisations help needy families set up housekeeping after a fire or other disaster. Those who are in need would definitely appreciate any furniture, linens, kitchen items, or clothing.

Other charitable organisations accept donations, using the items to set up resale shops. These shops allow lower income people to purchase gently used items at low costs and many times provide jobs for the disabled or other people in need of employment. The profits from these stores generally go right back into the organisations to help others in need.

By selling or donating items when you move you can avoid filling landfills with your things that may have plenty of use or wear left in them. Remember, one man's trash may be another man's treasure. Whatever extras you have, there is likely someone someplace who would love to have it. Go green and find alternatives for tossing old items when you move.

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