When you have to move house, there are a couple

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Specialty boxes:

There are some specialty boxes that actually do make the move easier. One of the main ones is the wardrobe boxes. These are tall boxes with thick cardboard. They have a folding top that has a front flap that comes down so you can get the clothing in to the box easier. There is also a sturdy metal hanger rack that slips down across the width of the box and slides into an opening on each side. These boxes are about four to five feet high and about two feet square. The size difference depends on the manufacturer.

When you make one or two of these wardrobe boxes up, you are looking at them taking up a lot of room. To guess what your walk in closet may take hold your arms about two feet apart and count the times you have two feet of clothing. That will give you a guesstimate of how many wardrobe boxes you will need. These are sturdy boxes and you can place your shoes or awkward shaped items below the clothes as most clothes are not three or more feet long. These boxes really make moving the clothes much easier! And sometimes a moving company won't charge for them as the moving company almost always take them back and reuse them.

Another specialty box is the dish pak. This is a double walled corrugated box with hinged hand holds at the side. You can also buy a partition pack to go inside of it. This box is approximately 18' x 18' x 24' and is very sturdy. It also holds a lot of dishes. But if you have irregular shaped pots and pans don't waste the dish paks on them. Dish paks are also not cheap and you don't need a double walled box to protect pots and pans.

The mirror pack and four piece picture box are also specialty boxes. A mirror pack is meant for mirrors or large pictures. Unlike the four piece picture box, it comes in a finite size. They are generally four inches thick so you can put a couple of pictures or mirrors into them. The four piece picture box is a set of four pieces that you can configure in several ways to put pictures or like items in. They can be made up to hold a 40' x 60' by 3.5' piece of artwork. They can also be used on smaller pictures.

Other specialty boxes are one specifically for a big screen television or a mattress box. There are also glass packs available. If you choose carefully, moving can be easier.

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