When moving, especially with all the bedbug worries

by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-19

There are some things you can do before the movers get to your home to protect from bedbugs, if you were bedbug free before the move, then you want to stay that way after the move! Covering all beds and box springs in your home with bedbug proof mattress covers before the movers get there will help big time to protect your mattresses! For clothing, this may be harder since most homes have a large amount of clothes, but if you want to be extra certain to protect your home from those pesky bugs than by all means try this one too. Wash ALL clothing in your home on a hot wash and dry on a high heated dry, then fold and pack all clothing in vacuum sealed bags. This may not guarantee them form an infestation, but the bugs will have a way harder time getting to your clothing and may decide to move on!

If you noticed before the move that your furniture has a bedbug infestation and you decide to throw it away instead of treat it think about others. By just placing it on the side of the road someone who is in need of a new sofa or mattress, may just take it without asking why it is out there in the first place. Cover the furniture in plastic, if you are unable to find a bag large enough, get even just kitchen plastic wrap and cover the entire thing. Then write on the plastic with markers or even paint 'BEDBUG INFESTED' that way you are at least warning people why it is out there.

Once you have arrived in your new home and the movers are there, you can ask for some of the most common bedbug infested furniture items to be opened and inspected before going into the home. The sofas and mattresses are the most comfy for those nasty bugs, so check them out before bringing them in. A quick search outside could give you the comfort and ease once inside, take those extra few minutes just to be certain. For the added protection with the clothing, re-wash it all including the towels and blankets on a hot wash with a high heated dry, just in case they did make it in! You can never be too safe!

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