What's Leapfrop Tag Reading System?

by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-20

Leapfrog Tag Reading system is an amazing touch and talk reading device that will bring fun to your child's life. It's created for kids of four to 10 years. This educational toy can be used to see from some special books.

Besides storybooks, there are a number of interesting activities that can be performed using the Leapfrog Tag Reading system. It's an exceptional toy that encourages the child to enjoy reading within an interactive way.

How it operates

Leapfrog Tag Reading system has a pen that identifies the words and symbols written about the books by using an optical reader. Whenever your child moves this pen within the pages of these special books, it identifies the words and symbols and speaks them clearly and loudly with proper phonics.

Your son or daughter can begin reading the storyline right from the start to end or playing a page at any given time. With the help of this system, your son or daughter can learn new words everyday. There are a dozen colourful storybooks that are compatible with Leapfrog Tag Reading system including popular Disney Stories and stories of other famous TV and Movie characters.

The benefits

* Leapfrog Tag Reading system will inspire your child to develop reading habits. Celebrate the stories come alive and begin talking, singing and dancing together with your child.

* The cool sound effects make learning more enjoyable. All children and their parents love the storybooks and their activities too.

* Children enjoy watching their favourite characters talk. Your child can easily learn new words and their right pronunciation by using the Tag Reader. It is an excellent method to expand the vocabulary and also the phonic skills from the child. It can hold the interest of your child for too long time.

* He/she would make an effort to read the stories himself/herself understanding that the Leapfrog Tag Reading system is there to help when some difficult word appears. It is well suited for improving the reading comprehension of the child.

Leapfrog Tag Reading system is a tremendous help for parents too.

Firstly, with no effort, your child can become familiar with a lot with Leapfrog Tag Reading system. It also enables you to have some time for yourself.

The sounds and interesting books could keep your child captivated for any long- long time and you'll get a much-needed break. Exploit this spare time to complete whatever you want!

Leapfrog Tag Reading system is a portable toy.

Your son or daughter will certainly make it wherever he/she goes. He/she will not dread the long trips, as his/her favourite Tag reader will be there to maintain him/her occupied and happy.

You are able to connect the Tag Reader to the online LeapFrog Learning Road to monitor your son or daughter's progress and explore methods to get this to learning process more effective and interesting.


Leapfrog Tag Reading system is essential buy for those children between four and eight years. It's a large amount of fun and appropriately challenging for all ages. It helps them to learn at their very own pace and builds their confidence too.

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