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The charm of Wedding bombonieres cannot be over emphasized. Traditionally these were a part of Italian culture. It is a part of different cultures in different ways. Traditional bombonieres have now been replaced with sugar coated almonds. Traditionally five Jordanian almonds have been presented in a confection box this is to exemplify the bitterness of the almond and sweetness of the coated candies as the bitter sweetness of marriage. These gifts are a show of the acknowledgment by bride and groom for the favor of sharing their happiness.

Often the bombonieres are complemented with dried natural flowers or artificial flowers made of silk or paper. They are used as wedding bombonieres boxes. The bag is also made of porcelain hard paper. A favorite type of wedding bomboniere is the 'Torta Bomboniera' as it is called in Italy. It is made up carton box forming a tier of 'cake'. Inside each box there are sugar almonds and a card printed with the date for ceremony. In each box there are glued several types of fine object made of many materials.

Though there are many popular choices for wedding favor boxes yet the souvenirs containing the memory of this lovely day are a preferred choice. Similarly a photo frame, a fine wrist watch, a pretty clock or a wall frame with or without scenery are some interesting choice for wedding favors. Apart from being a nice show piece they are equally useful for the receivers. It is also a good idea to have the name of the couple or the date of marriage engraved on these wedding favors and all this while the wedding favor boxes can be decorated to increase the singularity of the event.

The ancient practice in Europe was to gift things as wedding favours which are made up of precious gems or gold. Although the practice cannot be carried now due to its increased weight on the pocket yet the essence of this tradition has been amongst different cultures in various ways. Today the selection of wedding favours is much easy owing to the ease in information technology. Internet provides a much easier way to select the wedding favour which suits best to your pocket and the ongoing fashion.

Wedding favours symbolize long life and happiness for the guests. The tradition comes from the birthdays and christings by the wealthy aristocrats of ancient era. Favours are usually wrapped in box or a bag or presented as a small gift keeping the budget in mind. Favour bags and cones or only simple decorations on boxes are some of the things to put your wedding favours in.

On the contrary a creative mind can work out miracles in relation to both the trends of the society as well as being affordable. Making a wedding favour for your self is the best way to make the favour more charming.

All in all weddings are a beautiful moments that should be made fascinating by giving them little finishing touches which easily enhance the overall aura awe of the occasion.

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