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Velvet Lamination and Silk Lamination Cards Review


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Velvet lamination and silk lamination cards do like same and in most cases, they are referred to as cousin cards when it comes to business cards. If you are used to these two cards I am sure you know how difficult it is when it comes to selecting the ideal one so that you can make your card look ideal. In one way the other I am sure you have heard about the various print finishes that are available in the market.

If you are in need of the cards the paper box manufacturers are here for you. We are able to print the cards that show.

Velvet laminated cards

Velvet lamination business cards do not have such a big difference when compared to silk business cards. All of them have high business cards. With velvet lamination, its texture is soft which is able to attract more audience as it provides richer and deeper printed materials. So the end idea on it is what that makes it perfect and number one business cards in the market.

These cards have been described in various and distinct ways. It is also able to be used for either aesthetic or for functional purposes. It can be used in making of the greeting cards, business cards, catalogs among others. For velvet, lamination appears to be flexible due to its soft colors and it gives an appealing appearance.

If at all this card is looking perfect for you, we are here do that for you. You need to check our velvet laminated cards so that you can be sure about what we are doing. With our cards, it comes in various and convenient sizes and if they can be printed on both sides on the colors that you are in need of.

Why choose velvet lamination:

•It is made of the materials that are able to increase the lifespan of your print

•Its long lifespan prints are able to bring more audience

•It is striking and yet it is elegant in its appearance

•It has a non-glossy effect

Silk laminated cards

With these cards, they are sometimes referred to as silk matte cards, satin cards among other names. This card print looks so similar to that of velvet lamination cards. This lamination type is commonly experienced in various product packaging like watches, tablets, phones among others. Paper box manufacturers and other industry do use silk lamination in packaging various products for their clients. This makes their products and services to be of high quality.

The silk laminated cards are elegant in appearance and pleasant in the way it looks. The first impression of its uniqueness will be felt once you have seen the card. With it, it looks luxurious and good once it's in your hand.

There is an also silk laminated card that comes with a legit print in terms of its thickness that ranges from the standard one to the super thick one. With our cards, it can be combined with various things like foil stamping round corners, spot varnish among others. You can be able to get our cards that have been laminated with silk here.

Some of the specifications:

•The standard size of the silk is of about 4 x 2

•The ink color is able to be printed on both sides

•It is luxurious silky in terms of feel and touch

•They are resistant to water


It’s good to know that silk laminated cards products seem to be good in terms of its appearance when compared to other card finishes. It’s from this that silk lamination cards and velvet lamination cards.

It's our wish that this comparison between velvet lamination cards and silk lamination will be of good importance to you if you are in need a good finish. I am sure you will be able to select the best finishes that are able to complement with your desire and project. With paper box manufacturers you will be able to get the print of your cards you need. You need to make your effort to get what you need. So there some difference between velvet lamination and silk lamination. Getting your card to be laminated is so easy with us. You only need to request from us on what you need and all will be done for you. 

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