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How many things to know about the cardboard gift box manufacturing?


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In Mingyi Printing, the cardboard gift box is a product category that is very important in both sales increase and brand image building. Our company has spent over ten years in improving its quality and certifying it so that it could be known to more people. With 15 years of development, we have already developed a comprehensive quality assurance system for this cardboard gift box. Now, most of the quality problems have been solved such as cracking and molding.


1. How to assure the quality of our cardboard gift box in the course of production?

There is a systematic quality management system comprised of amounts of safeguards which are built into the production process to make sure the cardboard gift box attaining customers fulfills the highest criteria of safety and quality. The materials used in its production are strictly selected and tested to assure the quality from the source. The in-coming material test reports are available for any inquiry. During the production, we would hold regular product quality analysis meetings to inspect the quality of the product promptly. Also, professional technicians would be sent to ensure the uniformity of color, texture, etc.

It is notable that automated production has been achieved for the cardboard gift box. The advanced printing equipment is operated, which is a guarantee of precision and uniformity. The auto-cutting machine and auto-paste machine help save labor and improve efficiency, and more importantly, they help avoid any personal errors and guarantee the product quality.  


2. What measures are taken to guarantee the quality of the cardboard gift box when it is finished product?  

Post-production inspection is the primary way. We have a professional product quality inspection team. They would use more than ten sets of testing equipment in the test center such as constant temperature and humidity testing machine, aging/yellowing resistance tester, vibration table for simulating transportation and standard sampler for quantitative measurement, along with the manual check, to carry out the quality inspection. They would destroy the unqualified products to minimize the possible risks and to ensure each up-to-expectation delivery.  


3. What about the third-party testing?

To make it accepted and convinced that our cardboard gift box is dependable, we also turn to the third party for testing. This invaluable endorsement for the product functionality gives our customers additional satisfaction that the products are rigorously tested to industry standards. It is a confirmation about the superior quality and functionality of our product. Such testing reports could also be provided for reference.


4. What credentials have been obtained for our cardboard gift box?

We are in possession of amounts of certificates that are evidence showing that our firm attaches great importance to this product. They are ISO 9000 (quality management system), ISO 14001 (environmental management system), GMI (international graphic measurement), BSCI (commercial social standard certification), and FSC (forest management on an international scale). We have cardboard gift box assessed once there is an update to guarantee that every change is up to the highest standard and the demanding market. As for our company, the assurance provided by those certificates is twofold: internally to management and externally to customers, government agencies, regulators, certifiers, and third parties. They differentiate us from other providers.


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Additionally, Mingyi Printing has cleared the obstacles for a cardboard gift box to go to the world.


5. Can Mingyi Printing provide the certificate of origin for a cardboard gift box?

Yes! Such certificates could be got when confirming with our professional Customer Support. We are very serious about this certification because it is of great importance to the customers: 1) it can provide you with a competitive edge in the market; 2) it helps to protect you in the event of customs auditing; 3) it helps to decrease the probability of being subject to obligation reassessments. With the support of the certifications of origin, lots of global preferences in connection with the tariffs and into the industrial requirements can be found.


6. Any export certifications on cardboard gift box?

Mingyi Printing has several such certificates on the cardboard gift box. With the growth of worldwide networking, we've started to compete in the international market. The exports of products result in large rises in our gains. It is notable that our merchandise has gained a fantastic reputation worldwide. With the export licensing, this product category is a great basis for us to establish partnerships with lots of renowned multinational brands such as Samsung, NBA, MEDIAFIRE, OPPO, LOREAL, LACOSTE, NIKE, and M&S, and is a highly evaluated item to our customers in more than 100 countries and regions throughout the world.


About Mingyi Printing

Mingyi Printing was built in 2003 and is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. We are a manufacturer dedicated to the design, production, and sales of printing products. The portfolio spans cardboard gift box, color packaging box, books & stationery, packaging stickers & shopping bags, hang tags & color-cards. To date, we have gathered around 300 employees. Of this, 5% are executive managers, and 15% are technical and research team members. The factory, covering a total area of 10,000 square meters, is well equipped with a wide variety of sophisticated production equipment and quality inspection equipment, including Apple Mac design platform, Kodak CTP pre-printing sample system, Komori six-color printing machine, Heidelberg four-color printing machine, as well as production machines for color printing.

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