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The specific operation process of making a gift box


1、Plate making

Why should we make plate? Batch printing needs to be made into printing plates such as newspapers, pictures, and so on. The electronic files in the computer are printed directly through the printer. This printing method is costly and slow, and is not suitable for mass production. Traditional plate making steps are very cumbersome,but now possible to print electronic files made by computers through a laser imagesetter into a textured version, which can be printed in large quantities.



Said in the last issue of the news that printing is divided into four-color printing and PMC-color printing. Most of the gift boxes are printing in Copper paper (C1S), Double copper paper (C2S)paper and fancy paper.

Fancy paper

3、Surface treatment

Common surface treatment craft include Flocking craft, silver hot stamping, gold hot stamping, over-oil, lining, Arlin paper ,embossing,debossing and more.

4、Die cuting 

Die cutting is a very important manufacturing process especially in keyline making, because The size of the paper must match the design to be joined together to form a box.This requires Precision cutting,otherwise the box will be easy to split.




Means putting two sheets together. The usual prints are mounting at first than Die cuting , opposite the gift box. because we try to avoid contamination of paper surfaces during cutting.

6、The last process

Assembly and cleaning by hand