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Thought and method to make excellent PPT courseware


A complete set of the format of the slides should be consistent, including colors, fonts, background, etc.;

With PPT template teaching Suggestions in light color for the Lord;

To be different, can change the slides background to change PPT template, the method is as follows: new PPT file, the new added slides, select one of the slide, point the right mouse button, choose background/filling pictures/all applications, but for all of the slide set background, that is, change the PPT template; Then select one of the slide (often is the first one or the last slide), point the right mouse button, choose background/filling pictures/application, can be set up the first or the last slide, it is a cover slide or bottom sealing slide background.

We may have seen the speakers seem well-prepared in PowerPoint and other presentations. He was just proud of the various features, special effects, and other available skills. Authorities recommend that there is no more than five words per line, no more than 5 lines per slide. So do not use too much texts and graphics to damage your PowerPoint presentation.

Actually, the most effective PowerPoint is very simple, just has the charts that is easy to understand and the graphics that reflect the content of speech. The audience wants not just to watch the slideshow on the screen, and more to listen to your speech. So you want to build a strong material for your PowerPoint files, and should also ensure your oral comments fascinating. Please remember that your purpose of making PowerPoint is to support the construction of the slide oral presentation.

PPT's design is the skill that everyone concerned about, how to design a wonderful PowerPoint template? Elements can play a key role when designing a PowerPoint. Sometimes, you can make a PPT into eye-catching works of art by using some elements. You can find some design elements from the PPT material store. Also, you can directly download some wonderful PPT templates from PowerPoint templates downloading site. Watch or show a presentation on a mobile device such as an iPad, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry or mobile phone, we can convert PowerPoint to video file, and view it on any platform.

Most people when designing PPT, choose the standard template, people in various occasions see the PPT is al the same, no characteristic, can't leave person a deep impression, and the good PPT is designed. All the PPT producers are first the designers, different teaching aim, different teaching content, different teaching teacher, the different teaching object, the different teaching environment, determines different PPT structure, template, color, rhythm and display effect. A good PPT works is based on students' cognitive rules and learning needs of accurately. Design PPT is very poor would interfere with the teacher's excellent speech, reduce the teaching effect; conversely, design wonderful PPT would allow students to pleasing to the eye, memory is profound.

This too simplified design completely catered to people's right brain, but the PowerPoint is a demo, not speech.The key point to Speech is What to say, and the key point to Demo is What to show, How to show more information to your audience and how to let your audience understand these information, which is why the 'Simplicity is beautiful' become the cause of the problem. To some extent, PowerPoint's ease of use can become the most fatal weakness. Although you can use it to create eye-catching slides and graphics easily, but you need to know PowerPoint is not autonomous. There are many PPT to video software which can convert PPT to video,flash and dvd to display your PowerPoint, we can use the PowerPoint to video converter software,

Business-type portraits of some material can be placed in PowerPoint; it provides an intimate impression and more professional feel. A good background can save a lot of effort to find small elements, and a simple background can also catch the eye. When you wanna express the theme creativity, classical and solemn, you can use ink elements to highlight the taste, and also a fitting theme. With the development of the Times, audience's knowledge level, personality, literacy, aesthetic and cultural differences would become the design elements. We have to doubt that, more and more people will start to abhor too simple. Smart people need to make a decision with data and process analysis, not only you need to persuade the right brain, but also give a full analysis to the left brain. So you need some elements for PowerPoint design.

In order to obtain good graphic display effect, and keep the special font, suggested the PowerPoint 2007 making art feeling strong graphics and text. We can make PowerPoint to flash and upload it to the YouTube for sharing with the people around the world. when save it, you can choose save as PowerPoint 97-2003 demonstration draft (9) command, can save PowerPoint 97-2003 is fully compatible with demonstration of manuscripts. The manuscripts available PowerPoint 2007 open, again modified and editor; and if use PowerPoint 2003 to open, words will changed into picture and can't edit. The method can keep figure, the article shows the same format, avoid to use Photoshop processing words, pictures, and to increase the artistic effect.

There are many benefits to show that the output. It achieves such a function; often need two-headed video CARDS. If use PowerPoint 2007, can be easily realize two shows that the output. The method is: run PowerPoint 2007, switch to 'slide show' TAB, through the 'demo manuscripts display position' setting in which display demonstration draft show, 'resolution' set to show the resolution of the manuscripts demonstration use (the resolution of the set is the refresh rate is not greater than the projector support the maximum resolution or refresh rate), then the 'use demonstrator to view' front box, click 'start over from scratch' play demo manuscripts, so the teacher can control the progress of the play, to enlarge the remark that text as his the interpretation of the content.

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