The so-called embroidery art is a traditional

by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-08

Embroidery is actually a decorative fabric which should thread the silk or other fiber with a needle to the embroidery material (the basic cloth) in accordance with a certain pattern and color. It looks very simple, but a good embroidery product should take long time on embroidering it with people's hands.

In some Chinese folk places, embroidery is very popular among people. Different areas have different embroidery styles, and some tend to dainty, elegant and strict, but some show simple and nature. We usually see this art mainly from cloth, decoration or some other sacrifice goods.

There will be embroidered with different patterns in different part of cloth, such as the cuff of shirt are usually decorated with the safe, lucky or RuYi patterns; collar is mostly embroidered lucky cloud or floral patterns. People also like to embroider patterns on bellyband, shoes, bib, hat or insole. With the development of the people's imagination, embroidery has already developed more. It has not only used for clothing, but more items be founded on decoration goods, for example, sachets, cosmetic boxes, even some Chinese knot are adorned with embroidery patterns or some others. Browse more information or pictures about embroidery, you can move to Chinese handicraft store where has variety embroidered products and makes people feel dazzling. Let you know what a great art of embroidery!

Chinese people like to embroider different things to show their best wishes, such as tiger hats are usually presented to boys and the lotus hats are for girls, two butterflies are usually symbolized romantic love and peaches means longevity, coins are the symbol of wealth and so on.

This art will be one of the best gifts for people with its special quality. People could see the endeavor and wisdom from it. Embroidery has a long history, whether people buy the materials to embroider themselves or buy the finished products, embroidery will take people to enjoy this high value art deeply.Know more information on Chinese handicraft, welcome to Chinese handicraft store!

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