The Holidays are a great time to solidify relationships

by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-17

Halloween is fast becoming the kick-off of the holiday season. It is a time of fun and cheer before the stress of Christmas begins. Many are using this opportunity to share with those important to their success by sending goodies, party platters, box lunches, and other delicious treats.

Many companies are offering new and exciting goodies for Halloween. Ingallina's Box Lunch - with locations in Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles - are a favored supplier of freshly baked cookies, cake bites, and other fun desserts. With large free delivery areas and low minimum orders, Ingallina's makes gift giving easy and affordable. If looking to order for a large office, they offer the Giant Bakery Box, a 70 piece array of fabulous desserts. Customers will delight in the melt-in-your-mouth ghost and pumpkin shortbread cookies, and decadent cake bites. These are also wonderful options for out-of-area associates. With reasonable delivery rates throughout the US, sending this cost effective gift is sure to be a hit!

If looking for something a bit more substantial, Evan, a Customer Specialist at Ingallina's Box Lunch, suggests a sandwich tray paired with a salad bowl or another flavorful accompaniment. 'The Caprese Tray is one of the most popular here in the office. They go pretty fast.' Another smart option is to send breakfast trays. They will be enjoyed first thing in the morning and usually cost a bit less per person.

Sending a box lunch is always a favorite option. These are particularly convenient when serving lunch for only a few people, or for a working lunch. Having everything in a convenient box - right down to the toothpick and moist novelette - makes lunchtime easy and enjoyable. And providing lunch for an important vendor or business associate makes your company the hero of the meeting.

No matter what you choose to send, it is important to stay ahead and on top of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Take advantage of the biggest sweets holiday of the year! Halloween is a fun time to grow and solidify important relationships, and watch your business thrive!

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