The first military rings were given to the graduates

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Styles of Military Rings

Do you remember what your class ring looked like? This is what one of the styles of military rings resembles. It has a semi-precious stone on the top and emblems or insignias on the side. One of the most popular styles available, this ring can highlight a number of different aspects of a military career. The second style is that of a signet ring and it's elegant and formal. Simple in design, but very beautiful, this ring features a military crest or emblem on the top. The tops are plain, but this only adds to the overall beauty. The final style of ring available today combines the best of the above styles, creating a ring with a crest or emblem on the top and your choice of emblem, symbols, and insignia on the sides. There are hundreds of emblems to choose from, including branch crests, unit insignias, military flags, and even special interests.

Available Material Choices

These rings are available in gold, silver, or valedium. Gold and silver are softer metals than valedium, so if this ring will be worn every day, it's best to choose the hardest metal. Valedium will last longer, as it resists scratches, scrapes, and overall wear. If the ring will be worn for special occasions, then the gold and silver will not disappoint. Consider the colors of the branch of service the member serves in and which will look best with a dress uniform.

Ordering and Shipping

It's easy to order military rings online and it's less expensive than you might think. Military rings are handmade, with excellent craftsmanship, so your ring will take approximately two weeks to complete. The ring can be shipped anywhere in the world, arriving in a beautiful gift box. If your friend or loved one is on a remote deployment, you may want to keep the ring until they return to ensure that the recipient actually receives it.

A Final Thought or Two

Military rings are a fantastic way to recognize someone's service and sacrifice. Since these rings can be customized for each individual, they are terrific choice for deployment, retirement, or graduation gifts. Don't forget to include an engraving inside the ring band, such as initials, dates of service, or a short special message. For those that want to give a gift that is truly unique, military rings will certainly do the trick. Simply place your order online and watch as your friend or loved one's face lights up when opening this impressive gift.

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