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The difference between four colors and PMS colors


Four-color printing is a commonly used color printing craft, but some of the higher-demand printing four-color printing can not be satisfied.Well,PMS color printing can solve this issue, then what are the characteristics of four-color printing and PMS color printing? what is the difference in specification?

vs            The four colors are mixed colors, which are four colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, that is, C, M, Y, and K which are common in PS. These four colors are used to match the required colors and images in different proportions, so This is the reason why there are four groups in the middle of printing machine. In general, when printing primary colors, the four colors C, M, Y, and K all have their own color plates, and the dots of the colors are recorded on the color plates, which are generated by color spot. Combine the four colors to form a primary color.

We can see the dots of four-color printing, which is a visual defect.In this case, the PMS color came into being to make up for this deficiency.The PMS color is directly printed by professional chromatogram according to the proportion of the chromatogram.Suppose we want to print green,we will mix the blue ink with the yellow ink before printing to produce green.Thus,PMS color has no spots and shows a elegant feeling.

We can see the dots of four-color printing
 which is a visual defect