Sticky Mosaics are an innovative way for children

by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-10

The Ballerina kit is lovely for girls as they follow the numbers and place soft sticky squares in the proper places to create beautiful art. This is an activity that can be shared with friends for group fun!

What boy would not enjoy creating a mosaic with a dragon theme? Imagine his pride when he can display these dragons on his bedroom walls. He could also do mosaics on dinosaurs or vehicles and display those colorful creations with pride as well.

A jewelery box is a girl's treasure and one that has been designed by her on her own will be much more. Sturdy jewelery boxes that can be decorated in mosaic style will be completely individual and beautiful to look at.

Boys will enjoy creating their own crowns and playing king of the castle. All they have to do is follow the numbers and paste the sticky backed colorful form pieces and jewels to create unique royal headgear. Similarly girls will enjoy designing their own princess tiaras enhanced with pretty jewels.

Magnetic mosaics are good for younger children as they can be re-used and any mistakes can be rectified with ease and as the pieces are shiny they will definitely appeal to the youngsters.

A great way to promote the good old art of journal keeping, is to give a journal notebook that can be decorated with mosaics making it extra special for the child. It can also double as a simple book for doodling and drawing, its versatility just enhances its beauty.

These are just some of the amazing creative sticky mosaics themes that are available and guaranteed to generate hours of complete enjoyment.

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