Mingyi Printing Co., Ltd. is a professional printing OEM solution provider, focusing on luxury packaging for 15 years. We have complete packaging solutions and engineers with rich experience in the gift box industry. All of our boxes and paper products are custom made, and our customers can choose the size, materials, craftsmanship and accessories of the box. We can also provide our design recommendations and make samples based on the client's basic design and artwork. We are willing to provide each customer with products with the best quality, reasonable prices and comprehensive services.

Pre-production Design

Mingyi pays attention to the actual product requirements of each customer and our professional R&D team that has rich practical experience will propose professional and unique and personalized design solutions for all customers. We have more than 250 skilled workers and 30 professional and efficient R&D team engineers. All members of our R&D team have more than 10 years of experience in the printing industry. We do our best to create the best and most comprehensive packaging and gift box solutions for our customers.

Physical Sample Preparation

Mingyi makes physical samples for each customer before mass production to ensure that every detail of the product meets the customer's final requirements. After receiving the inquiry from customers, our R&D team will immediately analyze the customer's needs and propose a comprehensive production plan. They also provide our customers with free white samples to confirm the quality and specifications of the final product. Since then, we have strictly followed our production schedules in all our production processes to ensure that all products are fully compliant with our customers' requirements.

Automatic Production

We work with many international brands and are highly regarded, such as GEORGE ARMANI, VERSACE, LACOSTE, LOREAL and NBA. Thanks to our extensive customer case, we can help our customers find the best printing and packaging solutions. Mingyi adopts advanced automated printing equipment to ensure product quality and ensure the best interests of customers.

Innovative Technology

Mingyi is equipped with professional post-processing equipment, innovative and advanced product printing technology to meet the unique needs of customers. We also adopt a mature production system to reduce product cost and lead time. We have been working with our shipping company for more than 10 years. Therefore, we can provide customers with satisfactory delivery times and services.

Post-production Inspection

Mingyi has a professional product quality inspection team, which strictly controls product quality, destroys unqualified products to minimize product risks that customers may face. We have a professional color management team to ensure color accuracy (certified by GMI®) and we have extensive structural design experience to avoid structural and quality issues such as box molding and box cracking.

Quality Analysis

Mingyi regularly organizes product quality analysis meetings and uses professional testing instruments to inspect product quality to ensure better customer service experience. Quality is the most important thing we care about. We have automated equipment and manual detection systems to test product quality to ensure that every box produced in Mingyi can perfectly meet every requirement of customers.


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