Mingyi Printing Ltd. is a professional printing OEM solution provider who has focused on luxury good packaging for 15 years. We have mature packaging product solution system and engineers with rich experience in gift box industry. All of our boxes and paper products are customized, our clients could choose the dimension, material, craft and accessories for the boxes. We could also give our advice and produce samples with our clients’ basic design/artwork for the box. We’d like to offer best quality products with and fair price and all-round service to every client.

Pre-production Design

Mingyi cares about the actual product requirements of each client, the professional R&D team would use their practical experience to propose professional and unique personalized design plans for all the clients. We have more than 250 skillful workers and 30 professional and efficient R&D team engineers. All the members in our R&D team owns more than 10 years of experience in printing industry. We use our best effort to create best & all-round packaging & gift-box solution to our clients.

Physical Sample Preparation

Before production, Mingyi makes physical samples for each client to ensure that every detail of the products meets the customer's final requirements. After receiving inquiry from clients, our R&D team would analyze the requirements at once and come up with an comprehensive production plan. They would also arrange free white samples for our clients to check the basic attribution of the final product. Since then, all production process would strictly follow the production plan and make sure that everything could perfectly satisfy the requirement of our clients.

Automatic Production

Mingyi adopts advanced printing equipment to ensure product quality and protect the rights and interests of clients from a professional perspective. We were accepted and have cooperated with lots of international brand such as GEORGE ARMANI, VERSACE, LACOSTE, LOREAL and NBA. All the experience gained form former cooperation could help us find the best way to create the best product.

Innovative Technology

Mingyi is equipped with professional post-processing equipment and innovatively integrates the product technology to meet the unique demands of clients. We also adopt a mature production system to lower the cost and the lead time of the products. We have cooperated with our shipping company for more than 10 years. Thus we can offer a satisfying delivery time and service to our clients.

Post-Production Inspection

Mingyi has a professional product quality inspection team, which strictly controls the quality of the products and destroys the unqualified products to minimize the possible product risks faced by clients. We have specialized color manage team to ensure the color accuracy (authenticated by GMI®), we have rich structural design experience to avoid structural and quality problems such as box mold and box cracking.

Quality Analysis

Mingyi regularly organizes product quality analysis meetings, using professional testing instruments to inspect the quality of products, and provides clients with better service experience. Quality is the most important thing we cares about. We build up both equipment and manual detection system to confirm that every box product produced by Mingyi would perfectly fulfill every detailed requirement ordered by our clients.