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What is dealer invoice price?

The invoice value of a car is the value that the dealer has paid to the manufacturer. Dealers are treated as independent franchisees and they're likely to make a purchase of the car before they sell them to the end user. In order to make their expected income, car dealers normally keep the sticker price (MSRP or Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of the car 10-15 per cent over the invoice price. Hence dealers have a due margin and if you're clever enough you can negotiate the final price tag. Although, if you know the tricks of the deal, you could get a price beneath the invoice value and thus make considerable savings on your car purchase.

What's the key behind being able to purchase a car below car dealership price?

Invoice price is still not the true cost of the car. It's because dealer might get certain rebates and particular incentives as well which brings down the invoice price. Thus, it is actually possible to get a car below its invoice cost. Let me reveal how you can go about it.

Selecting the right vehicle - Many dealers are most likely to negotiate on cars which are moving slowly so as to get rid of their inventory. Review car magazines and also websites to learn about these kind of autos.

Learn about the dealer's cost price - You'll find websites that provide tools where you can calculate the bill price of a car. This will help you in negotiating the best value.

Opting for a slow sales time period - Dealerships may offer you a good deal if they are desperate enough to meet their monthly, quarterly or even yearly sales target. Many times car manufacturers give cash price as rewards for dealers who have reached a stipulated sales figure. If you are a customer who can help a dealer achieve the magical figure, it's possible to win mind-boggling deals. In this way, holiday season is a great time for you to make car purchase as many people are involved in gift purchasing and so want to stay clear of mortgages in the festive period.

Stop by several car dealerships - Make sure you visit as many dealers as you possibly can to check out what other customers are paying for the same car and even to hook a desperate dealer. It is strongly recommended you visit dealers at the month-end time and visit at least 10 dealers in your area to strengthen your likelihood of cracking a good deal.

Get second-hand cars in Vegas

If even after investing in so much labour you're not able to negotiate a price which is in your budget you can consider purchasing used cars in Vegas. Go to your trustworthy dealers of second hand vehicles in Las Vegas to help you buy a well-maintained car at the best value. If you're lucky, you can get a slightly used car, way below its invoice value!

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