Mingyi implements pollution-free production and makes our due contribution to protecting our human living environment. We have many years of extensive experience in the manufacturing of packaging products and our products have been widely recognized by many international brands such as NBA, LOREAL, LACOSTE, NIKE, M&S, Ralph Lauren and Versace.

Our products have good printability and good adhesion to inks. Therefore, the ink is well fixed on our production materials and our products can be printed with beautiful patterns. We have an experienced packaging design and production team, keeping up with the market development trend and integrating cutting-edge design concepts into the product’s printing design. Our paper packaging products are beautiful and of top grade. They have the advantages of convenient and fast packaging, safety and non-pollution, meeting the needs of the market. They are made of packaging materials that are resistant to bacteria, mildew and moisture and are highly degradable.

They can be offered with such processing process as laminating, glazing, hot stamping, etc. Due to the easy processing characteristics of the materials, they can be well processed by cutting, molding, etc. to maximize the benefits for customers. Our paper packaging materials are lighter in weight and easy to transport. We guarantee the excellent performance of our packaging products. Our products are made in strict accordance with the relevant national environmental standards.

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