Preparing for a disaster or emergency situation

by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-15

Get a Rescue Sticker

You can find rescue alert stickers at your local ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and even in some hardware stores. Affix the sticker to your door or window - somewhere very visible for emergency rescue crews. You can indicate the number and types of pets inside and that they must be evacuated with you.

Stock up on Supplies

In case you are evacuated, it is a good idea to stash canned goods, a flashlight, a blanket and distilled water somewhere easily accessible. Prepare a care package in a duffel bag that you can grab easily if you have to bolt out of your home. Be sure to put a couple of cans of Jeffrey's food in there too. You might also want a spare leash and extra medicine for Jeffrey in the bag. Keep a list of his vet's phone number and local kennels, just in case you need to board him while you find suitable accommodation for the rest of the family. Assign one person in your family responsible for carrying the supply bag and keep it near the door.

Assign a Safety Officer

Have one person in your family designated to guide Jeffrey out of the house when emergency strikes. Have a back up person designated just in case your safety officer is not in the home at the time of the emergency.

Consider Microchipping

Even though Jeffrey has a collar and tag, a microchip is a permanent way to identify him if he gets lost. The microchip is surgically implanted in his shoulder by a vet and can be scanned at the local animal shelter. If he gets lost, this will be the best way to identify him and get him back to his rightful home. Make sure Jeffrey's tags have your phone number on them.

Arrange Accommodation

Before disaster strikes, know what your options are for emergency care for Jeffrey. Keep a list of pet-friendly hotels or appoint a temporary caregiver for Jeffrey. Some Red Cross disaster shelters accept pets, so check with your local shelter and see what their policies are.

Before the Storm Hits

Pets are often fearful of storms and may wander off. If you are aware of an impending storm, bring Jeffrey inside long before the first lightning bolt hits. If you are caught off guard by a storm, bring him inside at the first sign of any stormy weather. The last thing you want to worry about is searching for Jeffrey when you are trying to evacuate your family from your home.

A Meeting Area Area

Assign a meeting area for your family to gather after evacuation. This should be as far away from your home as practical. Use a familiar landmark that won't move, such as the church down the street. Don't make the meeting spot too far away just in case someone is injured.

Practice Makes Perfect

With your plan set in place and your respective family duties assigned, practice your escape route. This is especially important for young children who will get very confused and upset during an emergency. Make your children an active part of the plan so they feel as though they can play an important part in the family's safety. With a bit of practice, everyone can get out of the house quickly and unharmed, with Jeffrey in tow.

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