The high-end shopping bag designed by Mingyi is mainly used for packaging daily necessities. We have a wealth of experience in the manufacturing of shopping bags and offer logo printing service. Our shopping bag is exquisitely designed and adopts sheet color printing. It undergoes PP calendering or bronzing processes. Our shopping packaging product is produced by automated machines. Finally, the product is processed by artificial stringing and knotting to make a sturdy handle.

Our shopping bag is environmentally-friendly, beautiful, refined and durable. The structure is sturdy and the bottom is not easy to fall off since we use the hot melt and fully automatic bag making machine to glue all parts of the shopping bag to form a compact structure. The paper bag has no creases and the bonding is accurate and beautiful. Since it is made by the fully automatic bag making machine, there is no crease on the bag surface. The hot sol used in this product has a strong fixing force and is fast drying.

Its degradation ability is better than other materials and it has a long service life. It is used for high-end merchandise packaging, or as a gift bag or an advertising bag for various commercial activities.

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