Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs are known for

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Though as support, these items are mostly known as gifts. The practice of sending gifts to the Philippines have become a sort of icon for being an OFW. Because of the popularity of this practice, a certain type of package have also become very popular for many Filipinos. These are balikbayan boxes.

Boxes by OFWs

Balikbayan boxes are a type of package which is widely used by many overseas Filipinos as a way to send their gifts to their loved ones in the Philippines. What made the box unique is that these types of packages are mostly larger compared to conventional packages used by other people.

However, before it was used as a packaging to send gifts back to the Philippines, the box was first used by overseas Filipinos coming home from abroad. It allowed them to bring their stuff as well as gifts for their family and loved ones in only one packaging. And compared to other packages used by other people, these boxes are far more cost-efficient compared to other forms of packages.

Eventually, due to its cost-efficiency, OFWs have come to use the box as their packaging for sending gifts to the Philippines. However, there are several disadvantages to using balikbayan boxes compared to the use of conventional packages. One is that sending balikbayan boxes mostly takes a lot of time compared to the use of smaller packaging. This is mostly because balikbayan boxes are delivered through container ships. According to many Filipinos, sending a balikbayan box normally takes several weeks to even a month. There is also the issue about the lack of a solid delivery date.

Other methods for sending gifts to the Philippines

Other than the use of balikbayan boxes, many OFWs have also used the capability of Philippine-based online shops and their gift delivery Philippines service to send gifts to the Philippines. What made it popular is its convenience, which is unlike sending a balikbayan box.

Other than its convenience, its gift delivery Philippines services are also known for its fast delivery. Compared to taking a month of delivering a gift to the Philippines, OFWs can easily send gifts to their loved ones within 2 to 5 working days. Some gift delivery Philippines services can also provide them with a free, 24-hour delivery service, such as the services of MyFlowerDepot.

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