Mingyi Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. After 15 years of rapid development, it has become a well-known printing product supplier in mainland China. Since 2007, Mingyi has been committed to providing high-quality cross-border trade services to global printing customers and has cooperated with internationally renowned brands such as Samsung, NBA, EDIFRE, OPPO, Playtex, LOREAL, LACOSTE, NIKE and M&S. After years of market operation, Mingyi's printing products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Thanks to our good service and product quality, Mingyi has won a good reputation in the printing industry.


Good quality is the most important characteristic of a product. Mingyi attaches great importance to the actual quality of each product and always regards excellent product quality as the first production principle.


Mingyi has developed a comprehensive quality assurance system for each customer.


Before production, Mingyi will prepare white and physical samples to confirm customer requirements.


In the production process, Mingyi has professional technicians to ensure uniform color and appearance, excellent texture and special craftsmanship.


After production, Mingyi adopts more than ten kinds of test equipment in the test center, such as constant temperature and humidity tester, aging/yellowing resistance tester, vibration table for simulating transportation and standard sampler for quantitative measurement. We also adopt manual inspection to ensure that each delivered product meets the customer's expectations.


In order to provide professional services to customers, Mingyi has established a comprehensive service system.

Mingyi emphasizes the actual product requirements of each customer, and the professional design team will propose professional and unique personalized design solutions for all customers with their many years of practical experiences. Before production, Mingyi makes physical samples for each customer to ensure that the products meet the customer's strict requirements.

Mingyi adopts advanced printing equipment to ensure product quality and protect the rights and interests of clients adhering to the professional principle. Mingyi is equipped with professional post-processing equipment and owns innovative product technology to meet the unique demands of clients.

Mingyi has a professional product quality inspection team, which strictly controls the quality of the products and destroys the unqualified products to minimize the possible quality risks faced by clients. Mingyi regularly organizes product quality analysis meetings, using professional testing instruments to inspect the quality of products and to provide clients with better service experience.

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Efficiency is what Mingyi always pursues. Through scientific management, Mingyi shortens the time required for each step of the production process and strives to meet the client’ s delivery date.

Mingyi is now based in Dongguan city, the global manufacturing center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Marco Greater Bay Area in China. There are two main freeways constructed by the company, making it convenient for the company to provide effective, integrated and superior services to all kinds of purchasers who wish to purchase luxury packaging products from Mingyi.

Mingyi has good cooperation with many transportation companies for many years. The transportation company will do its best to finish the transportation work well, providing the best service and putting the customer first.

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