Other than using packages to send gifts back to

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Method used in the Past

The method used in the past before the use of online shops is the use of balikbayan boxes. A balikbayan box is just an ordinary cardboard box usually used for moving. There isn't any difference between a conventional package from a balikbayan box, other than a balikbayan box is usually larger. The advantage however is economic.

Balikbayan boxes became popular for many overseas Filipinos because of its advantages compared to the use of conventional packages. The advantage is that if the items were sent individually or in smaller boxes through postal services, the cost could be significant. However, the disadvantage of using balikbayan boxes compared with conventional packages is the long transit time by container ships, typically taking several weeks, as well as the lack of a solid delivery date. This is the reason why online philippines gift shops became useful for many overseas Filipinos.

Advantages of online gift shops

The main advantage of online philippines gift shops is the convenience they give to their customers, which are usually overseas Filipinos. Unlike the practice of sending a balikbayan box or just a simple package back to the Philippines, online gift shops based in the Philippines can provide these Filipinos with the convenience of buying their gifts with just a couple of buttons.

Unlike setting up a balikbayan box which could take several days, online shopping could only take several minutes. It only requires the use of a computer (connected to the internet) as well as a bank account. Another advantage of using online philippines gift shops is that they provide certain types of gifts which are usually impossible to send through packages. These includes flowers and cooked foods such as the popular Philippine Lechon.

Why packages are still used

The reason why the use of packages are still very popular is because some items aren't available in the Philippines. Online gift shops based in the Philippines are only able to provide gift items which are available in the Philippines. Rare items which are only found abroad would only be sent through the packages they use, such as balikbayan boxes.

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