Opened in 1960, the CandleStick Park is situated

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The seating area is divided into the lower box, lower reserved, lower east stands, upper box and upper reserved. Rows 15 - 20 of the lower box are the best in the park as they offer the best view of the field. If you want to take photos of the game, then the best seats for you would be the rest of the 24 rows in the lower box as they are the closest to the field. The higher the seats the more you pay.

The touchdown club seats offer private luxury suite amenities. Though it costs more than the other seating arrangements, it offers unparalleled comfort. With a touchdown club membership, you get 2 tickets which you can use for 10 home games as well as a single VIP parking pass. You can also get Single Game Tickets and experience the ultimate VIP experience. Tickets for this suit only cater for 16 to 20 seats depending on the section.

Other ticket offers include the Luxury suite. With these tickets you not only get great views of the field, you also have access to televisions from where you can watch any NFL game of your choice. These tickets also cover all 49ers' pre-season and home season games. For the Group Ticket Suite, you and your friends can have all your seats in one place.

The Ahmanson Theater is also located in Los Angeles. It is part of the renowned Music Center. The theater consists of different configurations, with between 1,600 and 2,000 seats. Seating in this theater is divided into four parts: The box, mezzanine, orchestra and the balcony. The orchestra is the main floor, the mezzanine is the mid level seating and the balcony makes the upper level seating.

You can order tickets to watch a concert, or play a sport through the internet. The ticket prices differ with the place you choose to sit. The balcony section is the cheapest, followed by mezzanine and then the orchestra. People using wheel chairs can access all the levels without any problem.

You can also get a full season ticket if you prefer sitting at the same position every time you visit the theater. These season tickets come with a number of benefits which include big discounts and gift cards. There are also special tickets for people with Passport membership. With these tickets, you can get up to 50% discount and other benefits. Full time students also get season tickets at lower prices. If you feel that you are not satisfied with the first show on your season ticket, you can get back your money for the next shows.

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