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by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-19

Although not as popular as any other kinds of gifts, such as electronics or foods, many Filipinos still celebrate a special event with a bouquet of flowers such as wedding anniversaries, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and even birthdays. Flowers can also be used as gifts for non-occasional event such as professing one's love, as a sign of friendship, or for asking for forgiveness.

However, because the idea of sending bouquets of flowers through packages is impossible, typically because the flowers would likely die within a day or two in delivery, many of them chose not to send flowers and replace it with other kinds of gifts which can easily be sent through balikbayan boxes, such as clothing.

Today, however, the idea of sending bouquets of flowers have become more possible because of a new technology which was introduced for overseas Filipinos. This is with the foundation of Philippine-based online services which offers convenient, easy, and fast way for sending gifts back to the Philippines.

Online Shops for OFWs

Online shops such as an online gift shop or an online flower shop became popular because it allowed people to buy things without having to go out or while at work. Its convenience for OFWs, however, is that it allowed them to easily send gifts back to their loved ones without having to go through all the process of sending a balikbayan box.

However, the main advantage of using an online shop for overseas Filipinos is that it allowed them to send gifts which are normally impossible to send through the use of balikbayan boxes, such as bouquet of flowers.

Because of online shops, and their fast flowers delivery Philippines services, overseas Filipinos can finally send bouquets of flowers back to their loved ones in the Philippines. However, other than the speed of their flowers delivery Philippines services, most of these online shops can also offer a much wider scope of delivery service compared to other online gift shops and flower shops.

Although the number of online gift shops and flower shops in the Philippines have significantly grown, particularly today that many overseas Filipinos have started to use its capabilities, not all can provide the kind of delivery that every overseas Filipinos needed.

Most online gift shops and flower shops in the Philippines can only provide their service in their immediate area, this makes it inconvenient for many overseas Filipinos who wanted to send their flowers in far off places, such as in provinces, requiring them to find an online service which can provide them with what they need.

However, there are also a number of online flower shops in the Philippines which can provide their flowers delivery Philippines services from anywhere in the country, even to provincial areas. One popular example is myAyala's MyRegalo.com which is known to offer their services in almost all municipalities in the country.

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