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New custom design Iron man style headphones packaging box


             The father of Marvel Stan Lee died: he created Iron Man, Captain America, and flew to another parallel universe.


              The famous film Iron Man is a comic book written by Stan Lee, which has been welcomed by many comic fans.


       The product of iron men has been welcome too, which include headset.


This is a very stylish Iron Man headphones and our special package has helped the product sold smoothly. The packaging uses EVA materials keep the headphone on the packaging box not only fixes the headphones but also makes the headphones more beautiful.


We only need to collect simple ideas from customers, maybe just simple drafts. With our customer's requirements, our designer first makes a 3D stereogram within 24 hours  image.png

Before production, we make physical samples for each client to ensure that every detail of the products meets the customer's final requirements.


Then our sales will have a further communication with our customers to improve the product design. After we have finished the drawing, our project engineer will produce a sample for you within a week. Then there is the sample, which you can view by picture, video or mail.


This new design headphone packaging has the following sdvantages

  • Gold stamping

    Use gold stamping (black) craft, high lighting the style of your iron men.
  • EVA material

    Use EVA material to cushion the impact and protect the internal headphone
  • Specially designed tray

    Use a specially designed tray to hold the internal product, combine practicality and beauty.
  • Grey board

    Use a heavy grey board to improve the standard of the packaging and product.
  • Rich experience

    Rich experience for high standard gift boxes, providing practical structure suggestion to avoid cracking and mold problems.
  • Hook

    convenient to hang the gift box to save space