Mother's Day is coming soon, well, we shouldn't

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But there are so many desserts and candy to chose from, which one is best?

How to choose candy gifts can be a little overwhelming, but here are a few questions that I would think about myself to choose the right treat:

1. Distance: How far away does she live?

If she lives close enough to personally delivery the candy gift than the range of gifts is much bigger since you don't have to worry about melting. Even still if she lives far away then there are many great candy gifts you could make that are deliverable.

2. Favorite Sweet: What's her favorite dessert or sweet?

She might have a favorite and depending on if you must send it or personally deliver it may dictate if you could make this treat or not.

3. Flavors: What are your mother's favorite flavors?

Does she like chocolate or fruity flavors?

4. Dietary Needs: What dietary needs does she have?

You can choose between many sugar free, low fat or fat free sweets that still taste good.

There are many other questions that could help guide you, but these are a start. Use the answer to those questions to help you choose a gift. Hope they help. Here is my list of the top 5 easy-to-make dessert gifts and candy gifts both hand-delivered and long distance gifts.

Easy-to-Make Hand Delivered Candy Gifts (must be fresh and could melt if not delivered fast)

1. Frosted Cakes: no need to decorate, just keep it simple and make a small cake. Chocolate, lemon, strawberry. Buy a cake box from your local baking supplies or crafts store.

2. Cheesecakes: I love cheesecakes and they are easy to make. Choose between no bake and baked. I prefer baked cheesecakes because of there creamy and flakey texture. Get a springform pan for good thick cheesecakes. They're inexpensive and you can make many more in the future. The crust makes all the difference in the world. Choose from the typical chocolate cookie, graham cracker or vanilla cookie crusts or make up some new ones.

2. Chocolate Covered Fruit: easy to make and fun to eat. Mix different fruits for a variety or keep it simple and just use one type. This is one of the easiest gourmet candy gifts you can make. Chocolate covered strawberries, apples and nuts are delicasies. You can also dip cookies and rice crispy treats in chocolate.

3. Ice Cream: Personally this is the coolest homemade treat you can make. Think of how many flavors you can make. You can invent new ones. This is so fun to make and no one dessert makes you feel more proud that you did it on your own than ice cream. Ice cream makers will make your life easier, but only get one if you plan to make more ice cream in the future since they are fairly expensive. You can make ice cream without one though. My Cuisinart BC30 machine is awesome, it's easy to use and it's sleek stainless steel finish blends in great on the countertop. Scoop the finished ice cream in a airtight placstic container and then place it inside a cooler with lots of ice surrounding it or blue ice.

4. Homemade Truffles: creamy chocolate, how much gourmet could you get? They are easier to make than you think, use dark chocolate, milk chocolate or even white chocolate. Chocolate ganache in the middle is the best, the melted chocolate filling is the sweet spot of the treat.

5. Chocolate Bark: another easy treat to make and the combinations are endless. Choose from different chocolates and items to mix in like nuts, crisped rice cereal, dried berries and sprinkles. To add to the flavor blend in candy flavoring oils like raspberry, coffee or Irish creme.

Top 5 Long-Distance Candy Gifts

The best deliverable treat to make are cookies. Cookies are a great treat because they last and stay fresh longer than most desserts. Your mother could eat one now and then more later. So here's a list of some cookies that make great gifts. There are some gourmet ones here that you'd be surprised how easy they are to make. Package them in a decorative cookie tin and covert the bottom and top of the cookies in wax paper for added protection and freshness.

1. Biscotti: these crunchy, gourmet Italian cookies are my favorite to make. Your whole house will fill with a great nutty, roasted aroma. The variety is endless of course and the taste is phenomenal. Homemade biscotti are MUCH better than the store version. You can make them bigger and make up your own combinations of flavors. Chocolate, coffee and almonds make a great flavorful punch, but choose what you think she will like from pecans, lemon and poppy seeds, dried cherries, pumpkin spice, vanilla and more.

2. Decorated Sugar Cookies: some of the best and most popular treats you can make. Decorate with royal icing and create a design that will make your mom smile from ear-to-ear. I live in Florida and my mom lives in Florida so I could make cookies shaped like alligators, the space shuttle, dolphins, pelicans, the State of Florida, etc. It doesn't get more personally than that. Since the frosting could melt a little place the cookie tin inside a bigger cardboard box and surround the outside with small ice brix or blue ice bags. Place the ice bags or brix inside sealable plastic bags so the condensation does not deteriorate the box.

3. Double Chocolate Cookies: chocolate flavored with cocoa powder with chocolate chips included. Yum! This is a chocolate lover's delight. Make them big and thin or smaller but thicker. Since the chocolate chps could melt package the cookies up like the sugar cookies mentioned above.

4. Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies (or other mixed in dried fruits): no melting to worry about, very tasty and a little healthier than most cookies. Cranberry oatmeal cookies are absolutely addictive if you like dried fruits. These are my favorite kind, especially gooey, thin and big instead of crunchy and small.

5. Meringues: peppermint, coffee, chocolate, lemon and more. These light cookies start with a crunch then melt in your mouth. Make two small batches of different flavors or keep it simple and just make one kind. These are colorful and tasty. Combined with the biscotti, this is a very unique cookie recipe to make.

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