Most cultured pearl earrings are tiny, attractive

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Where to Buy Cultured Pearl Earrings

Cultured pearl earrings are sold online and in land-based stores. There are pros and cons to buying cultured pearl earrings either online or in person.

Online Auctions - Cultured pearl earrings auctioned off online may sometimes be great bargain finds because of its very low price tag, but you have to make sure that you're buying authentic cultured pearl earrings and that it gets delivered to you safely.

Online Jewelry Shopping Sites - Prices vary greatly when it comes to cultured pearl earrings sold on online jewelry shopping sites, but once again your biggest problem is making sure that it reaches you safely and free of damage.

Land-Based Jewelry Stores - Cultured pearl earrings sold in land-based jewelry stores generally have the greatest selection to offer but they tend to be more expensively priced as well.

Wholesale Jewelry Markets - It might take you a long time before you can find one, but when you do, you can certainly take advantage of exceptionally low rates as long as you're willing to buy cultured pearl earrings wholesale.

How to Buy Cultured Pearl Earrings

The first question you have to ask yourself is whether you wish for freshwater or saltwater cultured pearl earrings. Then determine if it's important to you as well to know where the pearls have been harvested. Lastly, base your decision on its luster, texture, shape, and overall appearance. Once you've made a selection, consult with the jewelry seller and see if you can get a discount.

How to Care for Your Cultured Pearl Earrings

Cultured pearl earrings are usually small in size so it's terribly easy to lose them. As such, make sure that you place them back on their original or usual casing immediately after you take them off.

If you're going to apply make up, perfume, skincare or any hair cosmetic product, it's best that you do so before putting on your cultured pearl earrings. Cultured pearl earrings are especially vulnerable to damage from toxic chemicals, chemicals which are found in abundance in the items specified above.

Although cultured pearl earrings are better off than pearl necklaces and bracelets because the ears don't sweat as much as arms and the neck do, there's still every possibility that your cultured pearl earrings will suffer from discoloration due to extreme exposure to the natural acidity of your skin. For that matter, it's important that you don't wear your cultured pearl earrings in exceptionally hot or humid places.

On cleaning your cultured pearl earrings, never use any jewel cleaner or cleaning solution that contains strong chemicals because these can once again affect the appearance of your jewelry. Steam cleaning is neither an advisable cleaning method for pearl jewelry regardless of whether it's cultured or synthetic.

Only use jewelry cleaners exclusively manufactured for pearl jewelry cleaning and apply it with the use of any soft fabric. You can use it slightly damp with water if you wish. Be very gentle when brushing and polishing your cultured pearl earrings as a vigorous rubbing can not only cause it to lose its color and luster but may cause it to tear apart as well.

Once you're done cleaning your cultured pearl earrings, let them dry off completely before keeping them away. Do not use a hair blower to facilitate the drying process.

Always keep your cultured pearl earrings away from other jewelries because its texture is not as tough as other gems like diamonds, opals, or crystals. It's also better to place them inside jewelry pouches instead of jewelry boxes.

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