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New to the range of Woodlore products is the Deluxe Woodlore Cedar Wood Compact Tie Hanger which holds up to 40 ties. As you would expect from any of them attention has been paid to the details and quality which makes it a perfect gift. Holding 40 ties also makes it a great space saving hanger and the Brass Pegs are amply spaced to allow any tie to be located & removed with ease. The patented design is manufactured by Woodlore in the USA and made from 100% Aromatic Cedar Wood.

Need a gift for a car lover? The British Invention Show Awards 2011 Winning CD Slot Mount is so simple & easy to use and most importantly will keep your windscreen free of attachments to give clearer road vision - the Highway Code states that windscreens and window MUST be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision - the CD Slot Mount is the best way to achieve that!

Not only that, with other holders you need to wipe away the suction marks left on the window of your sat nav holder, otherwise you are leaving tell tale signs which will be noticed by thieves who will break in to see if the unit has been left in the glove box or boot. The CD Slot Mount fits into most in-car compact disk players, thus removing these tell tale windscreen signs.

It is incredibly strong with a durable sticky pad and incredibly versatile. Need it to hold your mobile phone instead? No problem. If loose coins have to be kept at most suitable space; stick them on the sticky pad and they will stay there until you need them for the car park. It will hold pretty much anything you would need - Sat Nav, Mobile Phone, MP3 Player, Loose coins for parking &/or tolls, children's dummies and more!

It will also do this safely - it provides a clearer road vision and reduces hazardous dash wires. The CD still plays and you stay safe and organized. Find out more about the brilliant Winner of the British Invention Show 2011 - the CD Slot Mount

* Designed for use with SAT NAVS. MOBILE PHONES, MP3 PLAYERS, IPODS, COINS etc

* So simple & easy to use

* Keeps the windscreen free of attachments to give clearer road vision

* Fits most in-car compact disk players

* Universal Mounting Pad

* CD still plays

* Durable sticky pad

* Disability friendly aid

* Stay safe within the law

* Reduce hazardous dash wires

* Made in the UK

Something everybody needs can also become a great gift, and if you know someone who loves their shoes (or boots) the large range of Shoe and Boot Boxes and Boot Supports is full of inspiration. Moving on to another practical present, this one is also truly original... called the Tozo Spectacle Holder. Finally an answer to the question 'Where Are My Glasses?!'

This clever invention, known as 'ToZo', is something that will be used every day as an ideal way to store glasses, so saving lots of time and frustration! Available in a wide range of designs and priced, nobody needs to go searching for their glasses again!

The Tozo Spectacle Holder is designed & manufactured in the UK, they are secure & safe and easy to fit onto jackets, shirts & blouses, jumpers, belt loops etc. They are now also available as a magnetic option allowing it to be secured to the fridge etc.

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