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Keys to cardboard gift box OEM


The cardboard gift box is a kind of high standard box that is mainly used as the packaging of luxury products. Most of the luxury brands would like to highlight the product level by using such gift boxes. Under this, the design and manufacturing both play an important role and they will always be OEMed so that the packaged product could differentiate from others. Mingyi Printing, as an industry-leading gift box manufacturer, has spent over 15 years in optimizing every step towards the requirements based cardboard gift box. 

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So, what could be customized in our company? The dimension, material, craft, color, printing, and accessories of the cardboard gift box could be made as per customer’s requirements. Customers are also welcome to take our regular product types for reference. 

1. What are the dominant raw materials of the cardboard gift box? 

Mingyi Printing is of the opinion that paper is the most crucial raw material. It should be different as per type of product. For instance, the fancy paper is commonly used on candle packaging, which creates a space to present the product inside; grey-board would be used to create a hard structure; the foldable C1S paper is a good choice if the customer intends to reduce the total cost. 

2. What about the types of cardboard gift box? 

There are a wide variety of products under this item. Their applications vary for different purposes, say, a lid-open structure for jewelry, shoe, tea, clothing, and electronic products, the foldable function to save space, and the hard structure to protect the internal. Our experienced salesperson would offer guidance during the purchase, and we would follow and meet any specific requirements based on our professional team of designers and years of experience. 

3. How about the production technology for this cardboard gift box?

It is a complicated system, and different techniques are available in different production steps. For example, we use matt PP lamination to treat the surface of the box; when it is logo stamping, embossing and gold stamping crafts would be used to highlight the name and the brand and to help build up a strong impression; if it is about coloring, then the accurate CMYK and PMS techniques are available. In a word, Mingyi Printing is well equipped and is able to adopt the technologies that are applicable and are satisfactory. 

4. What is the production equipment for our cardboard gift box? 

A series of advanced production equipment runs for this product. The conveyor, stamping machine, and pasting machine which run automatically are effective ways to make sure that the product is made to be precise. The moisture/blister/blasting tester, as well as the friction tester, is of great importance to guarantee that the product is up to related standards. Also, the printers such as the Heidelberg 4C CP2000 and the Komori 6C, are crucial tools for clear picturing and color brightness. 

5. How to design the cardboard gift box?

We have a team of designers who are very experienced in this. The design includes drafting, idea exchange, drawing, sample making, and even testing. The clients could have their ideas and could provide them to our company. We promise to protect the interests of the clients from a professional perspective. Besides, our designers would carry out market surveys and would put such results, their knowledge, and the clients’ ideas together. All this is an excellent foundation for innovative and practical design. 

6. How to manufacture cardboard gift box?

First, it is the pre-production design. Our professional R&D team would use their practical experience to make specific design plans. Second, physical samples are prepared for a check. They would be sent to the client to make sure that every detail of the product meets the final requirements. When it is OK’d, quantity production would be carried out in strict accordance with the production plan. Third, it comes to automated manufacturing. The said sophisticated equipment would be operated selectively based on the inquiry. It is a mature production system to lower the cost and lead time of the product. Finally, it is about post-production inspection. We have established a color management team to guarantee color accuracy, and our structural design team would help avoid structural and quality problems such as cracking and molding. 

About Mingyi Printing 

As a professional OEM printing solution provider, we have focused on luxury goods packaging for 15 years. The solution system is mature. The engineers, totaling around 30 members, on average have more than ten years of know-how on the printing industry. The partnership with the shipping company for more than ten years enables us to offer satisfying delivery service. All these make it possible for us to have long-term stable cooperation with Xiaomi, Edifier, Marks & Spencer, etc. 

The location in Guangdong’s Dongguan is, in fact, the competitiveness of Mingyi Printing. It is well known to the world as the manufacturing center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in China. Such a gathering of entrepreneurs and manufacturers offers us good lessons regarding production. Its traffic convenience by road, air, and rail are great, supporting our effective, integrated, superior services to all kinds of purchasers who wish to do luxury packaging business with us.

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