Jewelery items are created to express a special

by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-12

Topic - Jewelery is often designed around a sentimental event or occasion. Common examples include birthday event, anniversary occasion and so on. Therefore the first step is to decide on the topic. One topic can be further brokendown into sub-sections, for example, for him or for her.

Wearable Option - There are plenty of items that fall into the category of Jewelery, from necklaces to eyebrow rings. The designer has to decide what form the piece will take and how it will be worn. The wearable option is a top consideration as it directly impacts the size of the piece. Clearly a piece the size of a women's watch has more room for design compared to a set of earrings.

Item Design - Most designs are done today using dedicated software. In the past, pen and paper used to limit the design possibilities and make the process of actual designing Jewelery long and exhausting. Computer aided design (also known as CAD) allows designers to draft the finished piece in almost life-like fashion before they have to commit further resources.

Box Design - Once the item has been designed, the designer moves on to desiging of the box. The way in which a gift is presented, especially Jewelery is as important as the item itself. The box is meant to create a sense of anticipation and excitement. The recipient is meant be kept 'guessing' as to the precise contents, until the box is opened.

Manufacturing - The last stage is the manufacturing stage where all the creativity comes to fruition. Using machinery to some degree, special tools and materials the item takes shape.

When you purchase your next piece of Jewelery know that a lot of thought, creativity and sweat has gone into the beautiful and meaningful gift you are about to own.

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