It's obvious that moving on a whole is a rather

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As far as moving is concerned, most people know well enough to account for things such as packing services, storage, and transportation. However, the cost of unpacking is one financial aspect that folks seem to generally neglect. Bobby Hughes is the marketing coordinator at Hughes Relocation Services, Inc., a full service moving and storage company that has been serving the Philadelphia area since 1973, and according to him, a lot of people are taken by surprise when they realize the costs involved in unpacking their belongings and settling into their new homes.

If you're planning to move and are wondering how unpacking could possibly cost money, you should consider the various phases it entails:

Costs of Dining Out

First, the process of getting your kitchen in order could be rather lengthy. After all, you'll need to locate all of the right boxes, get them unpacked, and set up your cabinets accordingly. Before you have an accessible kitchen, you may need to dine out a bit during those first few days or weeks in your new home. Therefore, as you draw up a budget for your move, you should account for the cost of buying meals.

Higher Energy Bills

Secondly, if you're like most people, then you're probably planning to wrap up your kitchenware in newspaper - which means that when you move into your new home, you will have to thoroughly wash all of your kitchen-related belongings in order to make them usable again. Not only could this take awhile, but it is also likely to cost you on the utility bill front. The same goes for linens, clothing, and other such items that might get dirty or musty while in transit. Therefore, when you think about the cost of unpacking, remember to account for the fact that your energy bills might be considerably higher due to all of that extra washing.

Re-Buy Certain Items

Lastly, even if all of your belongings arrive at your new home as they should, it's likely to take you quite some time to find all of your daily essentials. Even the best packers in the world tend to mislabel a couple of boxes or forget where they stashed certain key items. Therefore, it's important to account for the fact that you may have to re-buy certain items that you already own because doing so might be easier than driving yourself crazy to find them. In addition, as you go about the packing process, you may find that certain items are easier to throw out than box up; so don't forget that once you move into your new home, you'll probably need to shell out some money in order to stock up on replacements.

It can be a challenge for you to come up with an accurate moving budget. To spare yourself the hassle of encountering some unexpected financial surprises, remember to account for the cost of unpacking when calculating the final price of your move.

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