If one learns to pack his own stuff he can save

by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-09

First of all you will have to purchase some things that you will need when you will pack your stuff. You will need tape, hard cardboard boxes, markers and bubble wrap sheets. Don't use cardboard boxes that we get from grocery stores. They are flimsy and will not be of any use. Purchase good quality cardboard boxes that have a proper cover.

Start packing the fragile items first. Fragile item can be the fine bone china dishes, collectables and decorative articles. They are valuable and great care should be taken while packing them. They should be wrapped using a bubble wrap sheet and then taped. Mark each item so that it becomes easy for you when you unpack. Put all the fragile items in one box or more boxes and label then label the box as fragile. Remember to put these boxes containing valuable items on top of the boxes which contain heavy objects.

Glass items are best preserved if they are wrapped using newspaper. Items such as wine glasses and other stemware should be wrapped individually and arranged properly in the boxes to avoid breakage. You can also use some dried hay in between wrapped glass articles and stuff them in the box.

When packing larger items always bubble wrap them and then put them in the box. Remember to tape the cardboard carton. Never pack unwanted or discarded material instead try to sell them at a sale or give them away at a charity store. Old clothes, old decorative pieces etc can be given away.

Remember to carry stuff that you would need just after you have reached San Diego. These items are medical equipments, medicines, food supplies etc. You may need these things while travelling too. Never be in a hurry to put things in the carton. As packing is a very easy job but unpacking can be a headache. You will spend an awful amount of time trying to find things. It's better if you can label each box. An indication is more than sufficient, as it will tell you the contents of the box.

By following these tips you can easily save time and money. Even mover's do it this way. It is pretty easy, you just have to be a bit organized and the job is done.

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