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Consult a relocation counselor for your in-house estimate of the move.

Gather some data for living cost of the area you are moving to and compare it with your present budgets and earnings, as cost of living in some cities is higher than others.

Decide upon a move that suits you needs and budget. Fix a desired date for your move.

Must notify the important people in your neighborhood at least a week before leaving. Also make it sure that your gas, electricity and water supplying companies are informed at least a week prior to the removal date. It is advisable to note down your final meter readings before leaving.

Tell your service people like milkman and news paper guy that you will no longer need their services.

Buy different packing materials for different house hold items such as thick empty card board boxes, bubble wraps for fragile items, markers, scissors, cellophane tape s and cushioning materials. Professional house removals can also provide you with packing facility if you choose to hire their services. Two days before the moving day, must notify the removal service provider about the sizes of boxes you need for packing.

It is a good idea to use stickers and some easy to identifiable markers (with dark colors) to label the items packed in the boxes. This will help you while unpacking the items that what is packed in which box. You can pack every single room on its own to avoid mixing things up.

Electronic materials such as refrigerators, grinders & mixers, televisions and computers should be packed up in their respective boxes but don't forget to use thick boxes with some cushioning materials. A special care should be taken while loading and unloading of such items.

Cover all the furniture and clothes with plastic sheets while moving to prevent the furniture from damages on the way. Clothing materials should be packed up in suit cases.

To export your belongings from one place to other you will definitely need a van with an experienced driver. Always book a van well in advance because they require getting a moving van permit especially in highly suburb areas with less parking facility such as Cambridge and Birmingham. Provide the driver with the clear address of the area you are relocating to avoid having the risk of your belongings being taken to a wrong address.

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