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How Custom Made Paper Boxes will Save You Money


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You have an amazing product to sell, and you need a nice packaging to go with it. You may be tempted to go the old fashioned way and order USPS boxes to package your products in, after all, aren’t they free? Going this route may cost you more than you expect. The best way to go with your packaging is with custom made paper boxes. You may think that it’s more expensive than ordering the readily available USPS packaging boxes. Let me demystify that for you. Listed below are ways that these boxes will save you money in your business.

Save on Shipping Cost

You’ll be excused if you still think that shipping cost is purely determined by the weight of your product. This might have been true a few years ago, these days; shipping companies have come up with a new way of calculating shipping costs. They calculate it using a dimensional weight which simply takes into consideration your package volume and weight. In other words, length multiplied by width and multiplied by height, all this is then divided by the dimensional factor. Simply put, you pay more for bigger boxes. A one size fits all will end up costing you more than if you were to use a custom made paper box.

Unboxing Raises Awareness

If you are on social media, then you must know that product unboxing is the in thing right now. Many customers who receive their packages go on social media to unbox them and usually tag the company. It would help if your product is nicely packaged and appealing. Using custom made paper boxes means that you can easily customize your package by including your logo on the box. When other potential customers see this unboxing on social media, chances are that they will want to order the same package and share their experience too and raise awareness about your brand.

Free Marketing

Adding a logo on your customized box guarantees free marketing. Anywhere your package goes, on transit, people are bound to take notice of the uniquely packaged product. Anyone who sees your box automatically gets interested in what it contains and might want one too. The custom made paper boxes conveniently market your product without you having to spend extra on marketing. The secret is to print your logo conveniently on the box so that it’s noticeable. This way someone interested can easily go online, search for your business and even order, all because they saw your packaging.

Minimizes Damages

Let’s face it; there are bound to be damages when you package a fragile product in a one size fit all huge packaging boxes. The product is bound to move around on transit and eventually arrive damaged. No customer wants to receive badly packaged and damaged product, which is a recipe for doom. A damaged product equals dissatisfied customers who may not order from you again and might spread the bad experience to anyone who might be interested in your product. You’ll spend more money on return shipping costs if the customer decides to return the damaged product, not to mention that you’ll have to refund or send over another product. Getting custom made paper boxes gives you the ability to use exact dimensions for your product so that it will be safe while on transit.

Protection from Unforeseen Costs

Quality custom made paper boxes prevent items from creating bulges on boxes. This happens when you try to stuff items of a different shape into a square or rectangular box. By using a custom made box, you can create a box specifically for your product, taking into consideration its dimensions and measurements. This will save you from spending extra if the boxes shape changes due to bulging.


You might think that you are saving money by using the readily available boxes provide by shipping companies, but as I have just pointed out, you might end up paying more than you imagined. Isn’t it better to spend a little more upfront to save money down the line? By using custom made paper boxes, you’ll end up saving more and giving your customers a wonderful experience with your product. You are also guaranteed more sales due to the many satisfied customers who’ll want to spread word about your brand to their friends and on social media. What's more, you could select the best custom made paper boxes wholesaler to save your money.

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