The tag designed by Mingyi can not only be used as a product manual, but also as a symbol of the corporate brand. Our unique hangtag design helps customers highlight brands and quickly let consumers remember the brand of our customers. Its patterns and logos are designed to be lively and innovative, giving people a sense of authenticity and making consumers more impressed with branded products. It can play a very good role in publicity and promotion. The hangtags and color cards we produce are mainly used in the clothing industry and the digital industry. We also offer a wide range of accessories such as ribbons, threads, silicone rings and rubber rings.

Our printing is very beautiful and refined. It is lightweight and can be customized according to customer requirements. It is a new, environmentally-friendly paper card. It features cost savings and can be effectively used for advertising and product promotion.

Due to its low cost and exquisite craftsmanship, it is widely accepted by our customers. It has the characteristics of low cost, environmental protection and energy saving. Printing gloss is up to 95% and it undergoes the varnish or lamination process to protect the printed surface. In the production of it, we can also do special treatment according to on the surface of the tag, such as bronzing/hot silver, UV, light film, matte film, silkscreen, bump, etc.

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