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Carefully selected gift box


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A gift box approach, as long as the intention to pick a beautiful cardboard, and then follow the following plans to cut after the fold, it is easy to complete this production of packaging cartons. Put the gift inside to give good friends, is not it cool?

Give gifts when the gift carefully selected, but do not forget the "people rely on clothing", the gift also need a good appearance packaging, in addition to the gift more refined, the recipient will feel your intentions, So by their own hand-made packaging to let the other side of the harvest to full of love.

If not picking, then hope that this article can give you a little bit of frustration helpless little help, hope too late!

But today, in fact, will not teach you how to pick a gift, because Christmas is approaching, the recent similar recommendation has been very much.

I want to talk that, in addition to the gift itself, I often obsessed with the box. A gift of exquisite gift, recipients will be able to feel the sincerity of the sincerity. Some clever box, and even let us completely ignore the gift itself.

A good gift packaging can instantly increase the goodwill, when the gift is inexplicable to enhance the sense of ritual it!

Disposable / discarded items how to turn a gift box

Do not just want to buy buy, gift box this thing can get their own thing Well. And life there are a lot of disposable items or waste items, can be transformed into a gift box, and the effect is great.

Toilet paper can only do a bunch of decorations? No, they are very practical, pinch two can become a gift box.

This gift box is not only strong and durable, but also free to graffiti, show your ingenuity, even if not decorated, the color is also very environmentally friendly.

On the box, buy always stereotyped, so they had their own DIY slightly, three-dimensional triangle gift box, learn to make your gift the most unique!

This is one of the most basic packaging methods. Paper to the gift box to tilt a certain way of packaging, according to the order of the corners wrapped very beautiful. After the skillful, the package gift will become very simple. It is useful to master this method.

1. Prepare the paper, as shown in the figure, the paper along the edge of the box into the inside of the fold, so that the paper angle is located above the lid.

2. Then the rear of the paper folded to the front, to ensure that the box can cover the whole is appropriate If you can not meet the conditions of 1, 2, the paper size does not meet the requirements.

3. Hold down the top of the angle does not move, the left side of the paper also folded up, and the excess paper to receive the inside clean.

4. With the tape to the top of the fold and the left side of the original about fixed, the rear of the paper also folded up or the box slowly help up.

5. Organize the excess paper at the same time, then the box overturned to the inside.

6. The right side of the paper can be the same with the left side of the way, to keep the vertical under the premise of the paper inward into the fold.

7. the remaining paper to the inside of the fold, finishing 8. Finally, the extra corner into the internal fold, with double-sided adhesive can be fixed, and then a good ribbon on the box to complete the ribbon

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