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ECO-friendly gift bags are one of the most traditional packaging items.


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Usually the gift bag is a large piece of cloth plus two handles. This is one of the most traditional bags, but when you encounter experts or formal occasions, users will want to hide them behind. And a practical and stylish gift bag can give a strong first impression. After all, who does not want a cool thing? But a ugly bag, and then loaded with some useless things, no one will care. So, before the next event starts, prepare your gift bag!

When you give the participants a gift bag, you are expressing that you are very grateful for their participation and this event will be some special place. Do not let them down. The important thing to keep the bag is to make it an integral part of the whole activity strategy. Develop an exchangeable program for the entire session, let the bag as a start, and put the contents related to the plan.

Set a goal for the gift bag that needs it to finish. Just to provide people with a garbage and office supplies, then it is a waste of opportunity. Communicate with the lecturers and exhibitors under the strategy and add them to the program.

Suppliers have thousands of different styles of different styles of choice. Before you make a decision, do a simple test. Recall three to four of your important customers or typical participants.

Do they really want your chosen bag?

Why do they want to take it home after the event ends?

To avoid all the design of the popular, boring, and easy to forget the bag. Must not be black! The The

Style is the first, the market is second. Use attractive colors, interesting materials, stylish look. Let the design surprise the participants.

Bigger is not necessarily better! Remember, the participant wants to take it all day long.

If you want to put your logo, make sure it is suitable for the overall design, otherwise it will be ugly. The The

Do not put the date! The The Or at the end of the event will appear that it is out of date! The

What about recyclable bags?

You need to be careful to separate the philosophy from the market. Recyclable things are not always the smartest choices. Because the other explanation of the loop is that you have destroyed him before you leave.

Then, reusable should have a better goal: you want this gift bag as a positive part of the whole activity experience, you want everyone to understand the gift bag after taking home can also have other useful. So, the following share some free ideas you can try:

Do a variety of designs

Thanks for the new technology, you can print a variety of beautiful patterns on the bag. Give the participants some choice. If people can pick a favorite bag, then the chance to take home will be much larger.

Invite local artists to do the design

This makes the bag more unique, distinctive, and more personalized. In addition, to the bag a story, people will look as an exclusive news.

Instead of printing with labels

Add a color of the logo baggage tag (like the clothes tag, tag) on the bag, so look more beautiful, to make people want the desire. In addition you can do a lot of offers available to sponsors! Serve multiple purposes.

The pretty gift bag is just half the communication strategy. The rest is how to fill it with meaningful things.

You want to communicate with your event sponsors and exhibitors to share your activity bag strategy. They have their purpose, but they will also thank you for adding them to your great blueprint to become part of it. You can not control what the sponsor or exhibitor distributes, but whatever happens, you can infect them.

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