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Usage of Garment Tag


Usage of Garment Tag-2

Usage of Garment Tag

Garment tags are the small bands which are attached in a garment. They are normally attached to outer seams of a garment. They normally give a particular message concerning the garment. The tag is normally attached with assistance of the cord along with a price tag. The tag is normally made of a cardboard material where there is a printed matter on a tag. It is very important when the garments are exchanged. If the tags interfere, then the garments cannot be exchanged. Tags being the small literature, there is a need of it taken care of for they have do's and don'ts as others having the legal aspects being printed on them. The legal aspects are being mentioned where the consumer needs to consider. The prices sometimes are mentioned in the garments.

Garment tag usually comes at different materials for example thick paper, plastic, cardboard, polythene, among others. Tags themselves are attractively done while sometimes they are very attractive and unique which one doesn’t feel like to throw them. Actually, there are those who collect the tags of various brands as the hobby. The tags cannot be removed when trying on the garments or during the trials. Preferably they shouldn’t be removed until a final wearing of garments. Once these tags are removed then they won’t be exchanged. When you want to remove these tags, you are required to have the pair of scissors while other people try to pull the tags. Here is the usage of a garment tag.


To highlight uniqueness

The new designers use the garment tag to highlight their uniqueness. It’s all about the branding currently and the tag contributes to the effective branding in the great extent. For the garment line, the brand is not just the name even though it is the name which sells. The popularity of a particular name will depend on the tag and also other unique factors.


Determine particular fabric material

Sometimes the tag determines a particular fabric material, for example, wool, silk or cotton. For instance, you may have the boutique that mainly specializes in the cotton clothes. For this case, you will choose distinctive fabric labels which can signify quality of the product and the line of the business.


Indicate washing instructions

Garment tag indicates the washing instructions which are associated with a certain brand. For instance, the garment line essentially specializes in the silks. By selecting the right custom tag, then you can allow the customers to know that this specific brand of the garment is endorsed for the hand wash but not for the machine bleach or wash.


Show various size and shape of the garment

There are different shapes and sizes of the tags are sold, and general size of a tag used depends on size of a final product being used. The new tag can be needed if you’re combining different pieces of the fabric to make an overall piece of the garment.

Mention water cleaning temperature

Tags usually indicate cleaning water temperature and if the machine cleaning is permitted. Therefore if you’re having one piece of the fabric which require the cold water, or the fabric which can’t be put in a washing machine minus damaging it, the whole piece of the garment should be labelled the dry cleaning only.

Show way of maintaining the product

Garment tags are needed to show how a garment needs to be maintained and the country which the garment has been imported from. The maintenance instructions for the tag need to be applicable to a piece overall that means the many delicate pieces of the garment need to be one that is used to create a tag.

Usually, the tagging may be done by a person who reasonably qualified with maintaining garment, and when you lack the experience, you can test the fabric which is through washing it by yourself to assist you determine the methods of the cleaning which is acceptable. The tags need to be viewable easily for anybody who has taken part in caring for and maintaining the fabric. Therefore, the tag itself need to be visible when a garment is placed for sale, and when it’s difficult to see a tag because of the external packaging, the supplemental instructions need to be added on the package to help the customer see a type of care which is required.

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