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The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization (NGO) which promotes the responsible management of forests on an international scale. The FSC is a voluntary mechanism which involves an inspection of a forest landowners management practices based on criteria for sustainable forest management. Certificates are issued by third party independent organizations called certification bodies. These bodies assess the forest management against FSC standards and audits certificate holders at least once a year to ensure continued compliance with FSC standards.

The FSC provides an internationally recognized standard, trademark assurance and accreditation services for companies, organizations and communities interested in responsible forestry. Products that have been certified can be identified by consumers from the on product ecolabel which provides a globally trusted mark of forest products that benefit people and the environment. This helps a company to protect a brand or reputation and allows certificate holders access to highly environmentally sensitive markets.

Mingyi strictly follow the standards of FSC requirement and value its social responsibility to protect the environment. Mingyi has built up long-term partnerships with various of international companies who take FSC as the basic standard of their product evaluation. 

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