Every year thousands of people are moving house

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Many moving house companies offer full moving services including packing. But for a great number of people moving house is an expensive endeavor and they wish to economize wherever possible. Part of that economizing is doing their own packing. With some basic information and a packing timeline, packing can be much more efficient and less stressful.

Four Weeks before Moving

Make an inventory of the house with a list of how many pictures, lamps, lamp shades, pillows and kitchen appliances are going to be moved. These items need particular types of moving boxes, so you need to have a fairly accurate count. Then go through the home and estimate how many feet of books you have. Between thirty to fifty inches of paperback books can fit into a moving company's book box. Hardback or text books will require more boxes for fewer books.

Go to a moving house company and buy boxes, tape and some bubble wrap. Buy as many picture and lamp boxes as you have counted. There are special heavy duty dish boxes. For a 4-person family, buy four or five dish boxes. At the point when you think you have enough boxes, add ten percent. Most moving house companies or box companies will allow you to return an unused, undamaged box.

Start going through all your belongs. Try to sort them into three categories: items to keep and pack, items to throw away, items to sell or give away. This is the most difficult part of any move. If possible, you do the sorting and have a friend pack the items.

Three Weeks before Moving

Start packing. Do one room at a time. In the kitchen wrap all the dishes in packing paper. Stand the plates and bowls on their edges; do not lay them flat. There will be less breakage. If the boxes start to get heavy, put linens or light clothing in them. Use tape to close the boxes and be sure to label the box. It should have the room where the items go and either a number that corresponds to an inventory list.

Three Weeks before Moving

Keep packing. Put tape around opened bottles and place them in plastic bags before packing them in boxes. Try to give away, use up or throw away most liquids before moving. Secure bathroom toiletries in plastic before packing.

Do not pack paints, solvents, oil, bleach, gasoline or any caustic or toxic chemicals. Get rid of them.

Two Days Before Moving

Clean out the food shelves, freezer and refrigerator. Pack what can be taken and will not perish. Give or throw away the rest. Make a special boxe for important documents, passport, checkbook, etc. Put some stationery, pens and stamps in the same box.

Moving Day

Make a special treats box for food and snacks during moving day. Include in that box some toilet paper, light bulbs and a flashlight. Be sure to pack medicines, glasses, keys and contact information in a safe place.

Using this timeline will make packing and moving house much easier.

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