Every year around Christmas time, you will find

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What kind of gift you give her really does depend on where you are in the relationship, a subtlety that can be tricky at times. Is it a new romance, still in the early stages? Then jewellery is probably not a bad choice, as long as it isn't a ring. You might consider necklaces or bracelets made out of real flowers by a company called Shrieking Violet, always a very popular gift for a young or young thinking woman. It is like giving her flowers and jewellery all in one gift. The individual flowers are hand-picked and then captured in resin, creating an unusually fresh look.

Another Christmas Gift for girlfriends that is often popular is a watch. And I am not thinking of some practical little watch that only tells the time, I am thinking of a beautiful Louifrey cuff with inlaid black stones or perhaps a charm bangle watch with stone charms and a wonderful little watch face hanging amongst them. These are watches that are fun to receive because they go so far beyond the practicality of a watch. Of course, if they happened to show up in a beautiful glass or silver 'trinket box' that wouldn't hurt your Christmas hero chances either.

Silver stacking rings might be a good Christmas Gift for the girlfriend this year. The Daisy Stacking Rings have some pre-made sets that are quite wonderful, and come all ready to give in a pretty little pink box. You could even pick the stack out yourself, based on her passions such as flowers from a garden or favorite animals such as her cat or dog. Either way it is an impressive gift as well as a wonderful way to show the depth of the relationship. And if rings aren't her thing, the same idea of putting together a personalized piece of jewellery can be done with a charm bead bracelet where you pick the beads out yourself. Again, if you don't feel picking beads to tell the story of a relationship is your talent, there are some pre-made wonderful bracelets to choose from.

So, as you can see, jewellery can be a perfect Christmas gift for girlfriends of all kinds. A simple piece for the latest flame to show her you think this may be going somewhere, a carefully chosen array of glass and silver beads in a bracelet or stack of rings for the long term lover or anything in between. It can be easy when you think in these terms. And as an extra bonus, the wonderful thing about jewellery is that it gives your girlfriend bragging rights, a gift that has value beyond compare.

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