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Clean Your House to Get Rid of Critters

A messy, crowded home will give bugs plenty of hiding places to nest. A cluttered environment provides a natural habitat for pests that often seek shelter indoors, like roaches, ants, and even termites.

When organizing your house as a natural means of pest control, start with hidden storage spaces first of all. Damp, dark storage spaces like a crawlspace or basement area are more likely to house bugs since they often remain undisturbed.

In addition, if you find any areas of standing water, that is a red flag in itself. Roaches especially are often attracted to water in a home caused by leaky faucets or a broken pipe. If you find standing water when cleaning out a storage space, deal with the source of the issue immediately; contact a plumber to fix the leak to avoid attracting roaches to your home.

After organizing and de-cluttering large storage spaces in your home, like a basement or garage, it's time to move forward to cleaning closets and cupboards. As you organize your belongings and place them into boxes, you may be surprised to find dirty clothing, dishes, and crumbs that are even more likely to attract pests!

Helpful Tips for Organizing Your Space

When de-cluttering your home to get rid of pests, take it one step at a time. Tackle large spaces that will be more likely to house pests first of all and then move onto closets and cupboards with the following tips:

Separate your belongings into piles. For the best results, stick to three basic piles: keep, sell/donate, or garbage. For items that obviously should be thrown out, they can be placed in the garbage immediately. Items that you want to keep can be organized after your complete cleaning overhaul, and valuable items that you no longer need can be sold online or donated to charity. As a rule of thumb, try to give away items that you haven't used in the past year.

Buy organizers. You may need more hangers to keep all of your clothing in your closet organized to prevent piles on the floor. Or perhaps, clear plastic storage bins would help you to arrange all of your knickknacks and smaller items that have created serious clutter in your storage space. Invest in a few helpful organizational tools to keep your closet clean and easy to access.

Consider renting a storage unit. If you have an excess of boxes and unused furniture that you don't want to get rid of, renting an outside storage unit may be your best bet to keep your home clean and pest-free.

If you stumble upon a serious insect infestation when cleaning your home, make sure to contact a company that specializes in Pest Control in Birmingham, AL, to deal with the source of the problem!

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