Embossing on handmade papers is usually done with

by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-08

Embossing on handmade papers can be of various kinds. Sometimes papers are embossed without using ink. In this kind of embossed paper, the image is raised but not colored. This is called 'blind embossing.' On the other hand embossing used in conjunction with ink is called 'color register embossing.' Another type of embossing used in conjunction with foil stamping is popularly known as 'combination stamping' or 'combo stamping.'

Embossing is preferably done on white handmade papers and gives a feel nature's element. However, where a heavier paper is generally used for high relief patterns, a middle weight paper serves best for lower relief patterns.

Embossing on papers also improves the performance of paper products along with decorating. Embossed paper products are available in different sizes and thickness with a wide variety in designs and colors. Floral design, different natural elements and abstract motifs are embossed and dusted with a pearlescent coating on handmade papers.

Handmade embossed papers work wonders for book arts, napkins, notebook covers, bookmarks invitation cards, gift bags, gift wrapping etc.

Our range of embossed handmade papers is suitable for decorating office and home. It serves excellent for study table objects and gift items. The attractive and decorative embossed papers are best for notebooks, gift boxes, folders, wallpaper, pen stands, bags, cosmetic boxes, jewelry boxes, invitation cards, photo albums, photo stands and all other types of paper stationery products.

We offer exclusive designs which are fresh, original, artistic and contemporary. It is available in single side as well as in double side designs. The papers are eco-friendly and available at a very reasonable rates. We also offer two tone embossing on metallic cotton rag papers manufactured using real cotton rag waste. Embossing on two metallic cotton rag paper gives a leather look effect.

The gift items can be made more attractive and beautiful using different colors a of designer ribbons and laces on the papers. The paper stationery products are made using various types of moulds giving the products attractive, exclusive and innovative shapes. Our products are available in soothing pink, fuchsia green, turquoise blue, crimson red, bright mauve colors with floral motifs, abstract designs or geometric patterns embossed on it. Gift items are often decorated with bright colored silk or satin ribbon and laces. We offer smart and formal papers suitable for official purpose as well as our decorative and fancy papers are highly appreciated for gift items on wedding, diwali, rakhi and all other occasions. Any gift item wrapped in paper with embossing on it adds an extra beauty to the item making it more attractive. While embossing on papers we try to keep in mind and serve people of all age group with different tastes.

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