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Eco-Friendly Boxes for Business- the Best Way to Pack



Cardboard boxes, the most prevalent packaging box used for every kind of bulk delivery, but nowadays their use have been expanded due to the increase in the E-commerce market. Customers too are aware and curious about what these packaging boxes are made up of.

There is no denying the fact that the use of recycled cardboard gift boxes in wholesale is very much important and their necessity for any kind of packaging we need to do.

Everyone nowadays is becoming environment conscious and wants to perform their part of saving the environment because we know it is necessary. And everywhere we are paying attention towards the environment is it banning the plastics or be it using eco-friendly products for daily use. Not even this everyone is becoming conscious about the packaging in which their products are being delivered to them.

So, here comes the necessity for the business people who deal with either packaging boxes or with selling something which is being sent to the customers in packaging boxes, to keep a check on the boxes that are used for delivery.

Instead of using the regular cardboard boxes the manufacturers and the business persons should focus on manufacturing and delivering the products in recycled cardboard gift boxes. These recycled cardboard gift boxes from wholesale will not only save our environment but also will be a way to attract potential customers for your business.

With everyday people are becoming more conscious and more aware of the environmental facts and do check for what is good for the environment and what is not. And if you are selling your customers some eco-friendly products within the eco-friendly recycled cardboard gift boxes then you have your customers engaged.

Let’s have a look at some data which is behind the production of packaging boxes:

On an average around one-third of the landfills are filling up with packaging boxes for waste papers;

Around or more than 65% of our household trash consists of the packaging material which is not at all appealing.

According to some stats on every $10 for shopping packaged food, we pay around $1. Which if taken a look at contributes a lot more in the whole year?

Not only this for every purchase that we make online coma the product is delivered to us in the cardboard box and the amount that we pay includes the tax and the payment for that box too. And why would people pay for a box which will only contribute to the degradation of their environment and making their lives hell!

Now comes to question what a business a person can do to in this regard? 

As we know by now that everyone is becoming environment conscious and wants everything related to them to be the environment and eco-friendly so the business persons for the sellers who are delivering products and services to the customers must be very much aware and must pay attention towards their packaging.

Buying recycled cardboard gift boxes in wholesale will be very much cheaper as compared to the normal packaging boxes that are bought by the business persons or the sellers.

Not only buying recycled cardboard gift boxes will be profitable to the business persons but also it will be a great step towards saving the environment.

There are businesses on lower as well as upper levels who deal with selling their products in the cardboard boxes and if everyone works together towards this then it will bring a whole new change in the working sector and will be very much beneficial for our environment as well.

Using recycled cardboard gift boxes for business purpose will save around: 65% of the energy that is being wasted in the production of new papers and packaging material. 60% of water will be saved that is the general amount which is used in the production of paper.

A lot more reduction in air pollution, which is caused due to the processes, use information of papers and the gases emitted by the paper producing industries.

We can save around 40 trees which are used for the production of 2000 pounds of paper (for preparing every new batch).

Now, this data is something to care about and if everyone does their part of saving the environment then it will be a whole lot easier process in achieving the motive that we have of conserving and saving our environment for ourselves as well as for the future generation.

Not only the use of recycled cardboard gift boxes from wholesale will be financially beneficial to the businesses but also it will attract more potential customers and will make the customer base strong and wider. Everyone in today’s world checks about every single detail ranging from the product that they order to the box in which it is delivered. Thus, if a cardboard gift boxes manufacturer produces recycled boxes, it would be the favorite in this industry.

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