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by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-08

Display Boxes are the best way to get the review from the people about your product. Simply just display some samples on the display box and present the box to people they will pick a sample and after testing it you can just ask from them that how did they find this product. Sometimes some products are in a big amount you cannot put the whole product just for testing so you prepare some sample boxes which are smaller than the original one usually for one person.

Display boxes are usually open from the top so people can easily pick a sample from it. You can print whatever you want to print on your boxes according to the need of your product. Display boxes do not carry much information about the product on them just the basic information is normally given on the box. Most of you have seen such kind of boxes on different shops and super markets with different sunscreens, eye liners, nail colors, key rings, lighters, wallets etc on them. You can easily pick the product of your own choice you don't have to waste time in finding your desired product.

Playing with colors can make your box more attractive. We use CMYK and PMS color schemes for the excellent printing results a vast color range is available for our customers because we always look forward to the needs of our customers and we surely don't want to disappoint you. Color and printing quality is guaranteed. We use strong and bright colors which do not get faint easily. To protect these colors we also do a UV coating on it. It gives strength to the color. After the UV coating a plastic thin lamination is layered on it which is of two type glossy and mate. You can choose anyone of them.

Premium stock of papers or cards is used which is of 12pt to 4 pt or you can say 100lb to 120lb. we provide this service to our customers at very affordable price. Excellent service on cheap rates which no one has ever thought of before. Product quality and customer satisfaction is 100% certain.

Product turnaround time is from 7 to 10 days. Dealing is only done within USA. We also provide free design submission and design review to our customers. To know more about our products and services visit our website DiscountBoxPrinting.

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