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Crucial Points when Designing Custom Cardboard Box Packaging


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When designing packaging, the cardboard boxes wholesale has some crucial points in mind, so that the end-product is as esthetically pleasing as possible. 

First of all the shape of the cardboard box needs to offer an idea about what was or will be in it. You cannot simply put beer for example in a plain square box – no one will buy it. As such, you need to think first of all about what you want the package to inspire. If it is for a refreshment drink, there simply must be something eye-catching and distinct for your product. For that you need more than just the identity of the brand – you also need to identify the perfect color palette for it, as colors have the tendency to trigger different reactions in our brain and implant an idea about the brand in your mind. This being the case, designers need to understand the importance that colors have in our subconscious decisions, as these are the ones that dictate whether or not to like a specific image of a brand. For example, the color yellow is often used to trigger hunger, while blue suppresses this sensation.

Many studies have been made regarding this topic, to further understand our own subconscious, but to no result as it is too complex to properly figure out. In these researches is written that red gave the people a positive evaluation of the object that was put in front of them; blue reminded them of water and oceans, open space and a feeling of calmness. Red is used to trigger emotions and memory, but also passion, while the blue color sets a specific accomplished objective in the customers mind. Brown is associated with harshness, black with luxury and white is often used to indicate something pure and untainted. As there is no perfect way of designing a packaging, just focus of capturing a specific mood or feeling along with the brands image. Try to use the package as a method of persuasion. 80% of consumers around the world say that the color increases or decreases brand recognition, depending on the color and how it is matched with the actual brand; also 90% of companies believe color alone is the main focus of customers when wanting to try a new product. Likewise 93% of consumers shop mostly based on visual appearance, thus it makes life harder for the cardboard boxes wholesale. While it’s true that boxes offer the most versatility in shape it is also harder to come up with something new and unique, as there are mostly cardboard box – packaging. 

Purple and similar colors give a calm feeling, mostly used for beauty products; it suggests sophistication with a sense of mystery.

Blue offers trust and security.

Orange draws attention to the specified item or brand.

Green is used to relax.

To be able to choose the correct style and color of your packaging, we suggest taking a look at cardboard boxes wholesale. You can see with your own eyes what colors and shapes the pros use for stimulating specific sensations and memories. 

First of all you have to know your customer and what he likes, you have to understand what makes him buy your product over someone else’s and try to amplify that in a non-forced manner, or else he will get scared and buy other products. You have to see what the cultural preferences of your customers are so that you can better adapt your packaging for their taste.

Secondly you have to know what kind of message you want to communicate and transmit to your customers. Make sure the shape and color send the right message, as you don’t want to lose a portion of your customers based on a bad marketing decision. Every time you have to ask yourself “what is the end goal of using my product?” and by selecting matching design ideas, try to invocate an answer to this question using the packaging that you designed.

In conclusion, as stated in lots of psychological studies, colors have a huge impact on our decision-making ability, doing this without our knowledge or consent, simply by triggering various memories, sensations and feeling. When designing a packaging, the cardboard boxes wholesale is your best option. Be aware to not invoke bad sensations as the customers will usually stay away from your product. Let’s be real for a second. No one wants to have a product that reminds them of an unpleasant experience. Of course this is highly subjective, but you should keep the tips mentioned above in mind for future designing of cardboard boxes packaging.

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