The color packaging box is a kind of packaging product developed by Mingyi, which is mainly used for daily necessities. It has a wide range of applications, including almost all consumer goods such as needle cotton fabrics, glass ceramics, medical drugs and other daily necessities. This type of product can be used for underwear and T-shirt packaging due to its extremely high hygiene standards. We guarantee that the product is non-toxic and harmless and is a user-friendly product that can guarantee the absolute hygiene of the packaged product.

Mingyi provides color packaging box of good quality and different structure, suitable for different industries. We also have a professional R&D team that can help customers redesign or modify the structure of this type of product to meet the specific industry requirements of customers. We apply accurate CMYK color printing and PMS technology to this series of product to realize the perfect packaging appearance and improve the market competitiveness of the packaged products.

The biggest advantage of this product is its cost performance and competitive price. And it can be recycled, saving resources and promoting sustainable production. Its packaging structure is firm enough to seal tightly packed products, and it has good dust and moisture resistance, thus effectively protecting the safety of goods.

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