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Color Matching When Printing Packaging Boxes


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Many designers have issues when it comes to print-matching the packages on the screen. When you pick the color from the design then things go in the wrong way, you might be frustrated and confused when troubleshooting that problem. The best thing is that in this article, we have some ideas on what you can do to ensure your color matching is improved, which reduces proofing hence avoids embarrassment delays when you want to deliver the printing work to your clients.

Meaning of color matching

The process is the one that the packaging boxes manufacturers work to their best so that the colors on the screen are well recreated when printing the design. The main aim is for specific colors that are on your screen print with that same brightness and saturation, hue, which will enable you in making accurate decisions in your design work. 

Things To Do To Improve Color Matching

1. Optimize work-space

Many problems of color matching may be solved when the working space is improved. When you avoid unnecessary monitor glance, work on brighter or darker conditions, and viewing the screen from a poor angle may affect the color perception which can lead to poor results after the printing. You need to view the screen directly, remove brighter sources of light in your workplace since they may cause reflection or can force you to glare at the screen interpreting poor view.

2. Use a Good Monitor

When you opt for cheaper monitors, they may have limitations on predicting the oriented results. Such monitors may produce less power on the whole gamut, which may lead to color banding and obvious artifacts in darkest places.

3. Consider your eyesight

If your eye has got a prescription, then you must follow it or else it will lead to poor perception of color. One eye is always color sensitive compared to others, and if you need glasses and don't wear them, may affect your judging contrast, brightness, and color-ability apart from straining the packaging boxes manufacturers’ eyes.

4. Calibrate the screen

You should confirm if the screen you use reproduces color. You can ensure this when you calibrate your screen. You can easily buy a calibration tool for your self and try calibrating the screen before you use it. The device work when you measure the ambient light that the screen emits as that in your place of work. Adjust then the color space that the monitor is working within so they may reproduce clear colors and compensate on all factors. The process removes any guesswork on the calibration hence making the whole process very simple since you only click buttons and follows the displayed instructions on your screen.

5. Work in the correct color space

Packaging boxes manufacturers need to work using proper color profile so they can save more heartache. The accurate color profile for the intended output device should be highly considered.

6. Soft-proof the work

Just like you print the work, you may stimulate that printed look in various applications, which will enable you to have an almost accurate idea on the way final printed work is going to appear. Doing this will reflect the paper stock and printer choice, so you need to update your profile in case the output intentions are changed. You can view from online the apps you like and use some proofing tools that will help you have the final output hint.

7. Talk with your printer

If you want some documents that have been sent already to a commercial printer to be reprinted, or you want certain collateral to be matched, you need to talk to the printer then give it a sample of your previous work before they produce your packaging boxes to enable them to finally color-match. Various packaging boxes manufacturers have different base colors mix, meaning they are provided with reference materials by paying for accuracy. If you work on complex large jobs, it is good for the references since the printers will be okay when you provide samples of color match.

8. Use a color library

To get color-critical applications, like branding for the essential accurate color reproduction, you need to have the color library system. It may be expensive more so for the sole proprietors, especially since it is regularly replaced but considering the kind of work it does, it is an investment.

Practically, we can see that the packaging boxes manufacturers do not have to worry anymore when it comes to color matching since this article has provided the solution to our problem.

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