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Funky & shiny bag are obviously not for men, but they have a lot of other options like a laptop bag, leather carry bag etc, in which they can carry their important stuff. Carrier Bags ( ) industry is flourishing and providing new reason for manufacturers, as the demand for exclusive style bags is increasing. In our bags section, you can explore the vast collection of bags, with every bag described in brief. Know about the features, texture, quality, durability of different types of bags.

Kinds of Carrier Bags:-

Patched handle carriers - the handle punched into the top of the bag making these bags better suited to lightweight goods. For extra strength a patch of polythene is added to reinforce it.

Clip close carriers - made using low and high density polythene with fitted executive style rigid clip close handle.

Flexi loop handle carrier - stronger than a punched handle but still a cost-effective option, the handle is attached separately.

Rope handle - separate rope handle provide this carrier a little more up market look and raises the price too. This type of bag can be made from paper or plastic.

Duffle bag - a more contemporary shape bag with a big capacity, well-liked for making a younger, more stylish impression.

Counter bag - used for 'first contact' with food for shops, butchers etc., made in paper or polythene.

T-shirt carriers - A side gusseted carrier bag made from strong high density polythene which stands firm prick and tears. Economical choice to hold books, groceries and T-shirts.

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